Could this be a World first?

A tie in a Grand Final of a tennis competition?

Moorook 4 sets 37 games drew with Swans 4 sets 37 games in the Riverland’s Division Three.

Apparently ‘both’ teams ‘agreed’ to share the premiership and because nobody had ever thought to make provision for such an occurence in the Riverland Association’s Book of Rules that was the history making decision.

Any Law of Commonsense regarding a form of tiebreaker was not suggested. Even a ‘serve off’, the old fashioned ‘spin the racquet, rough or smooth?’ solution, a toss of a coin? But a draw—no, no no.

A Grand Final is to find a premiership winner surely?

But being unique is being unique and in a unique situation T Griffin and K Leigh (Moorook) lost to C Miller, J Clohesy 2-6 4-6 D Hill and D Copeland defeated D Roesler and C Newbery 6-3, and D Hill and B Walkington beat N Dillon and D Roesler 6-3 in the doubles matches.

In the singles Griffin lost to Miller 2-6, Copeland lost to Clohesy 4-6, Hill defeated Dillon 6-2 and Walkington just finished in front of Newbery 7-5.

Perhaps in future a record of actual points won by each team may be required?

But an appropriate addition to ‘Rules Is Rules’ would probably solve the situation best.

When Waikerie played in Division One it could match it with any team when it had its top lineup available.

Nothing has changed since it dropped to Division Two and last Saturday it was too strong for Renmark Gold winning 11-82  to 4-51.

In the doubles Waikerie got away to a good start with B Haynes and L McWaters defeating A Qambari and K Thiel 6-1 and Haynes and R Smyth beating the same Renmark Gold pair 6-2. N Kroemer and R Thiel dragged two back for Renmark Gold 6-4 over L Taylor and Smyth and 6-0 from Taylor and J Smith. J Rhode and K Bannister (Waikerie) lost against T Adamczyk and M Schwartzkopff 4-6 then won against the same duo 6-1 and Haynes and Taylor defeated Qambari and K Thiel 6-3. Giving Waikerie the advantage McWaters / Rhode beat Kroemer / Adamczyk 6-3 and in one of the keenest contests of the day Smith and Bannister defeated R Thiel and Schwartzkopff 7-5.

Waikerie won all of the singles except one. Haynes defeated Qambari 6-1, McWaters lost to K Thiel 6-7, Smith defeated Kroemer 6-2, Smyth – R Thiel 7-5, Rhode — Adamczyk 6-2 and Bannister won 6-1 against Schwartzkopff.

Looking back at the Division Two Semi Finals Waikerie 11-84 defeated Berri view 4-53 and Renmark Gold just outpointed Loxton 8-71 to 7-61.

In Division Three Paringa Swans 5-47 defeated Loxton 3-45 and Moorook won 7-46 to Paringa Red Dogs 1-18.