Murrayville defeated Karoonda 72-25, BDT won 57-31 against Lameroo and Pinnaroo 54-30 over Peake in Mallee A Grade Netball on Saturday.

There was an interesting round in B Grade. Lameroo,2nd, won 37-33 against BDT,3rd, Peake,1st, won 46-43 against Pinnaroo,5th, and Murrayville,4th, defeated Karoonda,6th, 44-32.

In C Grade Lameroo top won by only 9 goals, 44-35, against BDT, bottom, Peake, 4th, defeated Pinnaroo,3rd, 56-36, and Murrayville defeated Karoonda 63-37.

D Grade it was another matter of the top three sides winning when Murrayville beat Karoonda 51-26, Pinnaroo won 59-35 over Peake and Lameroo 50-29 against BDT. E Grade results had BDT beating Lameroo 48-24, Pinnaroo winning 51-17 over Peake and fifth ranked Karoonda upsetting Murrayville,3rd, 46-27.