How good is this? My new deal with Todd and Doc gives me a bonus for good performance so after a bit of a boomer in last weekend`s tipping stakes I have some loot.

And I am going to spend it wisely this week–not take out more shares in the hospitality business.

Actually I was a bit unlucky in my expert predictions too – Berri getting up by a goal in A1 netball, Berri beating Barmera Monash in a KING upset in the RFL and Murrayville letting me down against Pinnaroo in Mallee footy.

But I jagged Renmark in the RFL A`s against Waikerie and Lameroo over Peake in the Mallee.

By the way congratulations to Terry Eleftheriadis and the boys at the Berri Demons–some tough decisions have lifted the doom and gloom from the club quicker than one might have expected.

Anyhow how am I going to spend my bonus wisely?

I thought about ‘a Jeep’ but no I am afraid I have unanimously decided to set myself up with some new clobber.

I cannot resist a splurge from Premier Sports’ “Best Ever” display of clothing, footwear and equipment.

The clothing and shoes are full of colour for the guys and gals with some suggestion Tipsy may look better in the latter.

The Smarty backed off pretty quick when he saw me glancing at the hockey sticks that Karri McMahon uses to give her the EDGE.

The magnificent EDGE range is exclusive to Premier Sports too.

Anyhow have a look at some of the gear at Premier Sports and I reckon if you tell the that Tipsy put you onto it you might win yourself a bit of a discount.

In my form I will get this week`s tips out early as I obviously won`t need the Crystal Ball.

Good luck Fans.