Tongue twisters, dance crazes and more, the person responsible for giving names to teams each season in the Loxton Squash competitions must surely be running out of ideas?

This new Spring Season we have been delivered to the other extreme.

In round one last Tuesday night ‘My Team’ 2-10-248 won against ‘Your Team’ in 2-9-229 in one of the best clashes seen at the club for some time.
In individual matches Darren Schultz defeated Trev McDonald 3-1, John Vaughan lost to Shane Smart 2-3, Peter Miller won 3-2 against Paddy Reynolds 3-2 and Julie Fallend lost to Rob Romeo 2-3.

In fact it seems the person/s allocating players into teams had more imagination the those deciding on team names.
In another close contest ‘This Team’ defeated ‘The Other Team’ 2-8-202 to 2-7-191.
Tanya Marlor defeated Greg Marlor 3-1, Cameron Robertson lost to Craig Todd 1-3, Ken Wangahu beat Bill Sharrard 3-0 and Julias Otto lost to Ben Schober 1-3.

The third game was won by ‘Our Team’ 3-9-174 to ‘That Team’ 1-4-133.
Kane Watts won 3-0 over Mark Cash, Steve Emery 3-0 from Wayne Voigt, Mike Taylor 3-1 against Renee Hahn and Adam Beauchamp went down to Paislee Stone 0-3.