With only the Hunchee Run, round six of the 2016 Riverland Dinghy Racing Championship, to run on Saturday 22nd October the fight for the 30HP Sports class title is wide open.

When Matt Thur and Shane Palat missed the fourth round, the Amazon Sprint, they lost top position on the points table but a return for a victory in the Enduro, round five, sent them into the lead again with 96 points. They had three previous wins in earlier rounds. After completing all of the rounds so far Adam Price and Aaron Ulstrup have 90 points and Cliff Glover and Trevor Telling 87. So the battle for the championship is on in earnest.

A surprise entry for the Enduro came  from multiple Dinghy Derby champions Linton Price and Colin Gordon who have only run in round one, the Dash For Cash, in recent years and made the event their own. The pair finished second to Thur in the Enduro.

There is a similar situation in the 30HP Rookies class. Anthony Lincoln and Kelly Lee Gantz lead on 112 points but victory in the Enduro by Bode Baylis and Luke Bacskai put them on 104.

The big field in the 30HP Super Standard class also has a number of potential champions. Thomas Pilgrim and Jayd Glover hit the lead on 86 points after the last round but Jake Payne and Tim McKenzie are close behind on 82 and Andrew and Daniel Telling have 65.

Michael Vowles and Tom Freeman head the 30HP class on 110 points followed by Peter Karagiannis and Spirou Demou 86 and Stefan De Francesco and David Parker 82.

In the 300cc Modified class Joel and Nathan Woodrow are neck and neck on 93 points with event veteran John Chigros and Jody Cole, Jamie Dixon and Steve Rice 114 points lead Roy Glover and Phil Ashmead 87  in 25HP Standards and in 15HP Standards Lachlan McGlynn and Declan Harley are convincing points leaders.