In the closest match this week in round 13 at Loxton’s Spring Squash ‘You’re Terrible Muriel’ 3-10-224 won against ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ 2-7-181′. T Marlor won 3-0 against T McDonald, M Rudiger lost to T Giles 0-3, M Rudiger lost to P Miller 1-3, A Nelson defeated B Sharrard 3-1 and P Stone – N Loxton 3-0.

‘Tell’m he’s dream’n’ won easily against ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ 4-13-261 to 1-7-234. A Lawrie defeated S Emery 3-0, C Robertson lost to R Stone 1-3,  Duffin beat R Hahn 3-1, P Johnston defeated J Falland 3-1 and A Beauchamp beat P Stone 3-2.

“I see dead people’ 4-11-262 won against ‘It’s a mere flesh wound’ 1-8-253. G Marlor defeated M Cash 3-1, W Voigt defeated J Vaughan 3-1, C Todd defeated P Miller 3-1, R Nichols defeated K Bament 3-2 and J Hampel lost to J Otto 0-3.

A round 14 game was played and with G Marlor defeating S Emery, R Stone going down to J Vaughan 2-3, C Todd defeating P Reynolds 3-1, R Nichols winning 3-2 over K Bament and J Otto beating P Stone 3-1 ‘I see dead people’ 4-14-287 won against ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’ 1-7-242.