The report on Sunday`s 45km Cooltong Handicap cycling race suggests that in tough windy conditions tactics played a big part in the result.
11 riders took part with Gordon Lawton away first to cover 5 laps, Ruth Strout and Dennis Robinson next with a four minute handicap facing 6 laps,followed by Angelo Ylia and Brailey Jachmann at the 10 minute mark for 5 laps, Nathan Gregurke and Clint Bambrick also at 10 minutes but with 6 laps and lastly the scratch bunch of Steve Jaensch, Colby Jachmann, Ben Logos and Shane Pitman (6 laps).
Five riders did not finish in the conditions, an unusually high number.
The effort by Dennis Robinson and Ruth Strout in finishing a lap before the scratch group had even started was deemed “clever” and”cheeky” but the tactic did the job because the pair filled the first two placings followed by Angelo Ylia and Clint Bambrick.
Robinson with his solo break away left no doubt about who the best handicap rider was on the day.
Steve Jaensch and Shane Pitman stayed together with Steve the main aggressorv to grab fastest time bragging rights.
The pair finished fifth and sixth.