Whether by fair or foul means the mighty Superdogs scored one of their great victories at Lyrup on Sunday beating a traditionally tough opponent in Blackwood by “30 odd points”.

Tactics used by the home side included being very social towards the visitors when many of them arrived in the Riverland on Saturday in a ‘weekend away’.

Never mind it was a superb performance by our ‘Dogs despite missing a few key players ( perhaps they had already done their bit in entertaining their opponents earlier and then having ’leave passes’ cancelled?) Super Sid Norton made a late bid for Dog Tag votes with six goals without leaving the goal square.With all of the Riverland boys fitted with pedometers so coach Healy could determine individual  contribution Sid`s device must have been faulty as it did not register any distance travelled at all. Brett Tschirpig continued his great form, Greg McConnell ran riot on a wing and Neville Ebert, who fused his pedometer with his work around the ground in helping team mates out of strife, were also amongst the ‘Dogs to bark loudest.