The Region Four Men’s State Pairs Sectional Play was carried out at the Renmark RSL Bowling Club last Sunday with only 20 teams from actoss the region competing.

But there was some class in the teams in the five sections and four three game winning combinations.

Karantonis and Ivanovic (Renmark) won through from section one with 6 points with Catalano and Ludas (Renmark RSL) finishing on 4 points. Karantonis and Ivanovic defeated Catalano and Ludas 16-10 when they met.

Crack Berri combination Stokes and D Treloar finished on 6 points in section two with Renmark’s Wilson and Lewan on two wins for 4 points. The Berri pair defeated the Renmark pair 24-11 in their meeting.

Peter and David Kimber of Loxton moved on after scoring 6 points in section three with Waikerie pair Burnett and Cronin gaining four points. The Kimbers won 17-10 against Burnett / Cronin.

In was a close go in section four with Rice and Inglis (Renmark RSL) and Cropper and Tankard (Renmark) both on 5 points. Rice and Inglis with 30 shots up went through with Cropper-Tankard 25 shots up. The two teams drew 13-13.

Another top pair from Berri Hill and Kubank gained three wins in section five. Young Barmera duo Jenke and Raison did well to gain four points. The Berri side defeated Jenke / Raison 26-18 in a high standard clash.