The local B and D grade teams at the senior State Championships in Adelaide both play in finals today despite finding the going tough on day two yesterday.

The B grade won one of its four games yesterday. Initially it lost to Centrals A 2-15, then to Hills A 3-18, before defeating Centrals White 10-4. In the win Mikayla Hammerstein and Haylee Symens scored 3 baggers and Chloe Passmore pulled off a great double play. In the final match Riverland went down in a close contest 6-7 to Hills B. There was another double play and 3 baggers to Haylee Symens, Emma Nykiel and Mikayla Hammerstein in that game. Riverland plays Centrals Red in today`s finals.

The D Grade remained without a win but remained competitive only losing some games in the final innings. Gawler defeated Riverland 9-5 followed by Centrals 15-11 and Broken Hill 9-6. The girls worked hard in the field chasing that elusive win. There was a double play against Gawler and another by Michelle Bradtke against Centrals. Cheri Healy produced a 4 and 3 bagger, Rachel Harrow a 4 bagger with bases loaded and Michelle Bradtke a 4 bagger. Toni Hayes had two 3 baggers in the last game.