Like a number of sports softball has been bust trying to get as many games caught up from the heat/wet conditions that so badly interrupted the program.


—Renmark  15  d.  Loxton Green  4

Best Renmark:  Gemma Letton, Ros Hodge and Hamish McDonald

Best Loxton Green:  Cody Hammerstein, Jack Bye and Broden Townley.

—Loxton Blue  23  d.  Loxton Green  12

Best Loxton Blue:  Mel Bristow, Tracey Steicke and Julie-anne Wooldridge

Best Loxton Green:  Cody Hammerstein, Gretel Pumpa and Aimee Holmes.

—Waikerie 16 d Loxton Blue 12.

Best Waikerie: Helen Johnson, Jodie Hansen, Aden Hocking.

Best Loxton Blue: Jodie Meredith, Caren Hammerstein, Jesse Symens.

—Cobdogla 10 drew with Renmark 10.

Best Cobdogla: Andrew Sewell, Michelle Hayes, Jesse Passmore.

Best Renmark: Gemma Letton, Hamish McDonald, Reeni Leuders.


—Renmark  12  d.  Loxton  2

Best Renmark:  Leanne Lee, Cindy Quach and Amy Selfe

Best Loxton:  Julie Kent, Dylan Miller and Kylie Loxton.

—Cobdogla  18  d.  Berri  17

Best Cobdogla:  Andrew Sewell, Gloria Dyer and Susan Cook

Best Berri:  Alex Giles, James Smith and Sharon Schrapel.

—Renmark 9 d. Cobdogla 2.

Best Renmark: Tegan Moldovan, Cindy Quach and Leanne Lee.

Best Cobdogla: Gloria Dyer, Jesse Passmore, Monica Haaja.

—Loxton 16 d. Berri 2.

Best Loxton: Rachel Drewett, Julie Kent, Lauren Lidgerwood.

Best Berri: Sarah Pelts, Sharon Schrapel, Taylee Healy.


—Cobdogla  14  d  Berri 3

Best Cobdogla:  Tracy Liddell, Jo Gregory and Chloe Passmore

Best Berri:  Austin Karpany, Kellie Ainslie and Cheri Healy.

—Loxton 12 d. Berri 2.

Best Loxton: Cara Venning, Hayley Symens, Tyler Flood.

Best Berri: Tammy Dowdy, Vickie Taylor, Brooke Matcham.


—Allstars Blue  18  D  Allstars Green 7


—Renmark  14  D  Monash 9

Best Renmark:  Kayla Leckie-Hefford, Lachlan McDonald and Dwayne Morely

Best Monash:  Josh Verbai-Heward, Davis Houston and Bryce Scott-Johns.

—Berri  11  Drew  Waikerie 11

Best Berri:  Kiara Curtis, Louise Ayling and Ashley Hibberd

Best Waikerie:  Makayla, Ashley and Caitlyn