Berri River Rangers looked the better side for the first half of its A Men Grade clash with a seemingly nervous Renmark Olympic last Sunday but could not break clear and the scores were 2-2 at that point.
Olympic started the second half at a rush however for two quick goals as boom recruit Marco Mattigia burst into life finishing with 4 goals and setting up opportunities for team mates.At the same time Eric Sialis prodduced some incredible saves in goals for Renmark with solid support coming from Shane Taylor in his first game back at this level. The remaining goals for Renmark came from Charles Van Royan.
Dylan Eleftheriadis and Jasper Hoffmann missed the game for Rangers after being injured playing for the Berri Demons in the RFL on Saturday.
Berri’s best were Chris Miller (2 goals) and Adam Drogemuller (1).

Barmera United defeated Loxton United 9-2 in the other game with Pelicans’ coach Kevin Barmera used ‘cruise control’ against a vastly undermanned but exremely competitive opponent. Shane McPherson was proud of his side for shrugging off a 18-1 loss seven days earlier. He applauded more bonding together, more cohesion in the performance. He praised Matthew Wheeler for his game up the field after an injured Geordie was moved into goals. For Loxton Jack Zucchi (1 goal), junior Harrison Carney and Tyson Renshaw (1 goal) played well.
Marty Barber (4) and Frane Radic (2), Anthony Ielasi, Riley Wallace and Jim Fournarous goaled for Barmera and the best players included Jon Pintillie and Marty Barber.

In the Women’s Open competition better use of the ball up forward again gave premier Barmera a victory as its opponent Renmark had at least as much of the play. Barmera won 4-1 with Ji Ji Mitchell scoring a hattrick and Pamela Pipinis one goal. Ji Ji Mitchell and Keisha King were named best. Tori Lowe goaled for Olympic and best players were Angela Pavlomanolakos and Mia Minnas.

Berri, with its best players Anastasia Pipinis and Tiffany Bromley scoring the goals, won 2-0 from Loxton. Catlyn Thiele and Cody Hammerstein played well for Loxton.

Stavros Pavlomanolakos scored 4 and Austin Humble 2 goals as they starred for Renmark in the B Grade game winning 6-1 from Berri (goal Tom Kondoprias, best Hayden Sanford, Luke Hagen).

Under 16 Grade saw Berri 6 defeat Renmark 1. Tyson Kent 3, Adam Drogemuller, Antonios Vrastaminos and an own goal comprised the Rangers’ score with Jack Nelsson and Tyson Kent the stand out players.
Barmera (Richard Mitchell 2, Cohen Van Der Biezen 2 and best, Crispin Mitchell 1, George Fournaros best) won 5-0 against Loxton (Michael Polymiadis, Aiden Spilsbury).

One of he closest games of the day was in the Under 14 Grade when Renmark No 1, led by Jacob Siviour and Vincent Vu, won 4-3 against Berri (Patrick Minchella, J Duffin, Ondre Hunyadi best & goals). Goals for Renmark No 1 were scored by Aiden Prokopec, Tori Lowe, Vincent Vu and Ramazan Somuncu.
Barmera (Brodie Harris 2, Ji Ji Mitchell, Peter Stephenson 1 each) won 4-1 against Loxton (Louie Psarakis 1). Barmera’s best were Blake Koskinas and Brodie Harris and Louie Psarakis and Talyn Eagle did best for Loxton.

In Under 12 there was a tie between Berri No 1 and Berri no 2, two all. Mitchell Foulds and Jamie Kovacic scored for No 1 and Evan Wade and Gurshon Singh for No. 2. The No 1 side named B Erceg and J Goodman best and No 2 Liam Porter and Hanspreet Guron.
Barmera 2 defeated Renmark No 2 1. Tessie Mitchell (2 goals) and Sarah Beames was best for Barmera and T Coombs scored the Renmark No 2 goal.
Renmark No 1 (Jordan Gadaleta 3, kobi Lowe, Jordan Rover, Bevak Sahin 1) won 6-1 from Loxton (Rogan Kennedy 1 goal & best, Zachary Uzzell)