Barmera United Team No 1 in A Grade Men, Berri River Rangers in Open Women and Renmark Olympic in Under 16 are the premiers in their respective grades for season 2014 after round 13 was played on Sunday.

In A Grade Men Barmera No 1 defeated Loxton 14-2 with four goals apiece to Marty Barber and Jim Fournaros. Nathan Hentschke scored both of Loxton`s goals and was named his team`s best along with Jack Zucci. Sam Atkins and Marty Barber were best for Barmera No 1. Renmark Olympic No 1 defeated Barmera No 2 7-1 with Hari Sahota supplying 5 of the Renmark goals and Tarquin Frahn and Ali Akbari also starring while for Barmera No 2 R Dixon-Chapman and Kyle Lehmann did best. In the final game Berri River Rangers also won 7-1 over Renmark No 2. Nick Spinks with 3 and Walli Sha 2 led the Berri scoring with Tyson Schrapel best afield while for Renmark No 2 Raja Qambari and Ishaq Iqbal played well.

In the Open Women`s competition Loxton with a goal from Patty Fournaros-Carney defeated Barmera 1-0. Best players named for Loxton were C Thiele and Patty Fournaros-Carney and for Barmera Hannah Jepson and Brianna Webber. In the other game Berri won 5-1 over Renmark. Best for Berri were T Bromley and N Harwood with 2 goals from S Pront and stand outs for Renmark were Cindy Quach and T Drogaris.

In Under 16 Berri (Nathan Mayne, Jeremy May) defeated Barmera (R Wallace, N Konstantakis) 3-1 and Renmark No 1 (Connor Bakaj, Kallan Head) defeated Renmark No 2 ( R Quambari, S Singh) 7-0 and in Under 14 Barmera No 2 (A Bucon 4 goals, M Perry 2) won 7-1 over Loxton (Z Miller, Z Lawrence 1 goal) and Berri (J Westley 3 goals, T Kent 2, A Erceg best) won 6-2 against Renmark (S Crouch, E Smart 2 goals).

There was a close game in Under 12 when Barmera 2 defeated Renmark 1. Kye Goldsworthy and Blake Koskinas starred for Barmera and Frank Levak scored the goal for Renmark. Berri No 2 (E Gregoric 5 goals, A Vrastaminos 3) won 12-1 over Berri No 1 (K Owens, O Hunyardi 1 goal) and Riverland Girls (JJ Mitchell 2 goals, I Lowe) defeated Loxton (I Eagle, H Carney) 5-1.