Scratch markers Steve Jaensch and Ken Ridley comfortably filled the first two positions in a race on the 10km Winkie circuit on Sunday made challenging for all riders by 40kmph winds.

Gordon Lawton was provided with a six minute plus 10km handicap advantage over the next bunch of Dennis Roinson, Frank Sullivan, Ruth Strout, Lee Rasheed, and Mick Gray and an unwell Shane Pitman with Jaensch and Ridley starting a further four minutes adrift.

Jaensch and Ridley at an average speed of 36 kmph caught the second group at the 25km mark and attacked immediately with only Mick Gray able to hold on.

The scratch markers were not to be seen again and with a 36.5 kmph average speed went over the line as Jaensch and Ridley followed by Gray, Robinson, Strout, Rasheed and Pitman.