First Division Saturday Pennant Bowls is an ongoing mystery.

Back on Saturday 13th December Waikerie followed a victory over second placed Loxton RSL by defeating the top side Bedrri 81-76. Renmark jumped back into form by beating Barmera 101-54, Renmark RSL won 89-76 over Loxton Yellow and Loxton RSL defeated Loxton Blue 92-72.

The table stood at Berri 230, Loxton RSL 193, Renmark 164, Waikerie 161, Barmera 150, Loxton Blue 118, Renmark RSL 115 and Loxton Yellow 101 and perhaps was beginning to take some shape as far as the top four was concerned.

This past weekend a double header was held and after the Saturday and Sunday games everything has been thrown into a blender.

On Saturday Loxton RSL and Berri drew 69-69. For Loxton RSL Lew Westbrook`s rink was defeated by Andrew Hill 15-22, Geoff Huppatz lost to Dennis Treloar 15-19, Jade Wright defeated Graham Butt 19-12 and Steve Roberts – Darren Piltz 20-16. Renmark won three rinks in easily beating Renmark RSL 108-56 with Sean Leesue beating Mal Inglis 37-10, Mark Howe – Ron Adam 33-10, Rick Stoeckel going down narrowly to Ken Knight 17-18 and Bill Dopson beating John Van der Wyst 21-18. Loxton Blue brought Waikerie back to earth with a three rinks to one 81-60 win at Waikerie. John Vaughan`s rink beat Gary Pursche 21-9, Vic Pavia lost to Wayne Collins 17-24, Terry Thurston just edged out Roger Davies 17-13 and Brad Semmler defeated Dixie Lee 26-14. Completing a good day for the Loxton Club Loxton Yellow 97 defeated Barmera 70. Brian Bullock defeated John Morena 28-18, Des Schlies lost to Phil Ashton 10-27, Neil Thiele won 32-11 from Ray Kuchel and Peter Kimber 27-14 from Dennis Wutke.

Continuing on Sunday the Loxton improvement continued. Yellow completed a miserable weekend for Waikerie with a 84-71 win. Brian Bullock defeated Gary Pursche 23-13, Des Schliebs lost to Wayne Collins 15-22, Neil Thiele beat Roger Davies 22-21 and Peter Kimber won 24-14 over Dixie Lee. Loxton Blue won 80-73 against Barmera despite only grabbing one rink. Graeme Wachtel lost to Ray Kuchel 18-19, Leon Pfeiler, the match winning rink, defeated Dennis Wutke 26-10, Brad Semmler lost to John Morena 16-22 and Tim Schubert lost to Phil Ashton 20-22. Renmark had a big victory at Berri winning three rinks to one 88-75 over the table leader. Sean Leesue lost to Dennis Treloar 15-29, Bill Dopson defeated Andrew Hill 23-13, Rick Stoeckel – Graham Butt 28-19 and Mark Howe – Darren Piltz 22-14. Loxton RSL 72 won against Renmark RSL 72-64. Steve Roberts lost to Ken Knight 16-19, Geoff Huppatz lost to Mal Inglis 17-19, Jade Wright defeated John Van der Wyst 16-15 and Lew Westbrook beat Ron Adam 23-11.

So there is a vastly different look about the premiership table from the previous weekend.

Berri leads with 246 points followed by Loxton RSl 231, Renmark 216, Loxton Blue 166, Waikerie 165, Barmera 158, Loxton Yellow 153 and Renmark RSL 121.

In Division Two the ladder reads Waikerie 244 points, Renmark 222, Berri 204, Monash 189, Loxton RSL 177, Lyrup 170, Loxton 159, Moorook 123, Barmera 110 and Renmark RSL 92.

Division Three is Waikerie 297, Renmark 237, Monash 215, Berri 207, Renmark RSL 202, Lyrup 144, Loxton 135, Loxton RSL 110, Barmera 6 and  Moorook 57.

Berri Blue 244 points leads Division Four, Waikerie follows on 187, Berri Red has 170, Monash 149, Renmark 134, Barmera 86 and Loxton 44.