Lake Bonney Yacht Club will return to normal programming next Saturday with the sailing of the annual Eb Farmer Trophy race.
Sail Training starts at 10am.
Breaks in local competition have been due to some members travelling to participate in events at other venues including the Milang-Goolwa Regatta and National and State Mosquito Championships at Meningie SE.
Results from the Milang-Goolwa Regatta have been delayed due to protests but Steve Thomas finished second sailing ‘Just Do It’ in the Off The Beach catamaran class.
At Meningie ‘Splashes Of Brilliance’ with  Peter Dunk as skipper and Kirsten Thomas crew finished second in the Mark 1 division with the yacht being named the Highest Placed Timber Boat for the second year in a row and Kirsten the Best Placed Female.
Last Saturday and Sunday LBYC was represented by both Mosquito and Paper Tigers in the Inter State Regatta at Lake Boga.
The Lake Bonney, Lake Boga, Lake Hawthorn and Lake Cullulleraine clubs compete in the event.
A club race, Handicap 3, was fitted in on February 8th with ‘Splashes Of Brilliance’ winning from Talisman (John Eshman) and Steve Thomas aboard A class Cat ‘Plan B’.