A Grade
Barmera United          6          defeated          Berri River Rangers          2
Barmera served notice that it is back in the premiership race in 2013 with a much stronger line up this season and last Sunday it had Luke Ireland and Kevin Barber the best of an even lot as it comfortably defeated last year`s dominant side ,Berri. Perhaps off to a slow start with something of a Premiership-Top Four Cup “hangover” Rangers were best served by Tyson Schrapel and Russel Frankel.
Renmark Olympic          8          defeated          Loxton United          0
Olympic came out of its slumber with Daniel Clarke and Yianni Sialis in brilliant form to inflict another big defeat on Loxton despite the gallant efforts of Joe Perre and Tim Renshaw. Olympic will be looking to kick on from here while Loxton obviously needs all of its key players out on the park if it is to regain its early season touch.
THIS SUNDAY matches will be played at Barmera with Barmera to play Renmark and Loxton up against a fired up Berri.
Open Women
Berri (M Stewart, A Knight)          3     defeated     Barmera (C Vithoulkas, B Webber)          1.
Renmark (A Pavlomononolakos, E Sen)          5     defeated     Loxton (R Lawrence, N Tate)          0.
B Grade
Barmera (J Milonas, C Oliver)          2     defeated     Renmark (A Hassan, M Herkiloglu)          0
Under 16
Renmark (B Sioarri, A Safdari)          16     defeated     Loxton (J Warrick, A Baptie)          0.
Barmera (J Ekisa, J Wallace)          5     defeated     Berri (F Perre, D Eleftheriadis)          0
Under 14
Barmera No 1          13     defeated     Barmera No2          0
—Best Players B Guppy, R Wallace, M Evans.
Berri          15     defeated          Loxton          0
—Best Players F Perre, A Zahos, A Drogemuller.
Under 12
Renmark          9     defeated Loxton          2
—Best Players L Psarakis, D Grewal, V Vu.
Berri No1         7     defeated     Berri No2          2
—Best Players H Jasper, A Dayman, T Kent.