Riverland will have a Girls and a Boys team playing in the SAPSASA State Softball Championships at Barrett Reserve , West Beach this week.

Members of the Girls team are Annica Langham, Chloe Sharrad, Jayda-Star Garvie, Delta Venning (Loxton Primary School), Laura Alm ( St Alberts, Loxton), Teonie Clemlow, Shaylee Miller (Berri Primary), Lara Brauer, Eleni Tzanos (Renmark) Nalani Milne-captain, Ashlee Hibberd (Glossop Primary). The coaches are Beth and Greg Hueppauff and umpire Denise Moldovan.

In the Boys team are Lochlan O`Brien (Renmark Primary), Joshua Ridley (Monash), Lachlan Peltz, Kale Karpany (Berri), Caleb Koehne, Jeb Loxton, Connor Lange, Ulysses Carney (Loxton), Thomas Nitschke, Isaac Edwards (St Alberts, Loxton)

Tegan Moldovan is the coach and Denise Moldovan the umpire.

The Boys will play 10 and the Girls 8 matches over the five day event.