—Loxton   56   defeated   Waikerie   48
Waikerie  continued to perform as a legitimate A1 standard unit last Friday night when in only its fourth outing since being elevated to top level this season it pushed the reigning premier Loxton to the limit in a high scoring, entertaining clash. Loxton had to work overtime to increase a narrow two goal lead at the last change to a final winning margin of eight goals but to its credit it dug deep when under siege forcing Waikerie into late errors as players like Sue George, Alysha Proud and Leah Uren completed prominent displays. 
For Waikerie with its good blend of youth and experience the ever reliable pair of Lauren Oswald and Hannah Lehmann were named best.
—Loxton North   57   defeated   Barmera   47
On the strength of the first three games for 2013 Barmera went into this match as favourite and held a four goal advantage at the half way mark but in another high scoring affair Loxton North, inspired by Ellie Thomas, Jordan Jachmann and Hana Learhinan, fought back to take the premiership points. Barmera, without play maker Sue Whitbourne , was best served by Alice Kelsh and Bailey Miller.
—Renmark   51   defeated   Berri   30.
One thing can be filed to history. Renmark did lose a number of players from its 2013 lineup. New story. Renmark went on its winning way with a surprisingly big win over Berri.
Berri certainly seemed to be mounting a big challenge to the ‘tall poppies’ of the competition and would be disappointed with this result. For Renmark Denikah Gartery continued in superb form and Sonja Modlinski played her best game for some time while for Berri junior Ebony Hoffmann and consistent defender Michelle Wenman did best.
THIS FRIDAY NIGHT the two undefeated sides and last year`s grand finalists Loxton and Renmark meet at Renmark, Loxton North plays Berri at Loxton and Waikerie hosts Barmera. 
Berri (K Krollig, K Reed)   41   d.   Renmark (C Gardner, A Leesue)   40.
Loxton North (S Koch, K Shankland)   51   d.   Barmera (K Szabo, V Vlassopoulos)    31.
Loxton North (K Wooldridge, T Fielke)  61   d.   Loxton (K Westbrook, N Drake)   42
Loxton North (J Barry, S McPherson)  34  d.   Barmera (K Warland, A Higgs)   33.
Renmark (A Angeletti, S Ivanovic)  58   d.   Berri (E Millar, V Trantalis)   37.
Waikerie (A Lindner, H Hudson)  39   d.   Loxton (P Perre, N Hopper)   38
Barmera (T Whateley, L Haigh)   41   d.   Loxton North (A Lange, M Athanopoulos)  31.
Loxton (T Mann, T Benson)   48   d.   Renmark Blue (H Schwartzkopff, C Lindner)   30.
Renmark (D James, A Strachan)  45   d.   Berri (J Gregory, C Kondopriadis)  26.
Berri   48   d.   Renmark   45 
Monash (H Voigt, H Potts)   58   d.   Loxton North (K Dack, T Deren)  22.
Waikerie (E McDonald, R Schober)   48   d.   Loxton (J Faehrmann, B Furniss)   42.
Loxton North (T Lange, J Falland)   57   d.   Monash (K Higgs, K Hume)   20.
Barmera (A Nettlebeck, J Gilgen)   40   d.   Renmark (T Binder, J Henderson)   24.
Cobdogla (K Packer, M Campbell)  51   d.   Renmark (R Stoeckel, K Gale)   29.
Waikerie (J Brooke, M Schiller)   37   d.   Renmark Blue (E Cocks, F Matulin)   30.
Loxton North (J Jachmann, H Learhinan)   58   d.   Barmera (K Johns, A Scadden)   40.
Renmark (E Garrett, I Burton)   86   d.   Barmera Pink (J Pech, K Cooper)   12.
Loxton (P Wright, L Zdanowicz)   74   d.   Berri (S Brand, E Taylor)   23.
Loxton (L Collins, C Hicks)   49   d.   Loxton North (T Oxlade, T Andrews)   20.
Barmera (K Lynch, K Kemp)   23   d.   Renmark (D Mitchell, D Schubert)   19.
Loxton (A Holmes, S Karagiannis)   48   d.   Waikerie (C Linke, D Taylor)   40.
Loxton North (M George, K Waechter)   50   d.   Barmera (K Thiele, A Wutke)   36.
Renmark (C Knight, M Pitman)  41   d.   Berri (M Sarro, T Walden)   31.
Loxton (S Ferber, J Zdanowicz)   63   d.   Waikerie (C Wallace, A Woollatt)   22
Loxton North (A Stephens, J Merkx)   56   d.   Barmera (J Matson, J Hallam)   39
Renmark (D Haynes, J Jaensch)   63   d.   Berri (L Westley, M Kearney)   29.
Renmark (APW)   72   d.   Berri (S Trantalis, A Sawyer)   8.
Loxton North (B Sandford, T Wood)   33   d.   Barmera (J Muller, W Matson)   17.
Loxton (K Hicks, B Durdin)   51   d.   Waikerie (R Fillmore, E Neideck)   25.
Renmark (A Marshall, K Hansberry)   42   d.   Berri (C Greer, A Rapson)   6.
Renmark Blue (J Walter, C Waye)   64   d.   Barmera (P Ramos, K Stavrou)   12.
Loxton (W Eagle, S Coombe)   32   d.   Berri (H Stewart, C Burton)   31
Barmera (B Pietrolaj, O Reynolds)   21   d.   Loxton North  (C Kaesler, A Size)   16.