A grade
—Barmera Monash          22-14 (146)         defeated          Loxton North          9-8 (62).
The Roos had been given ample warning that Loxton North with its unbeaten start to the season was being talked up as a threat to its premiership defence and reacted accordingly taking no prisoners in the game at the Lake side. A brilliant start with Tyler Baldock, Marc and Sam Elliott setting the example had the contest almost settled at the long break with the home side over ten goals in front. It seems the star studded Barmera Monash unit is sharing the best player rankings from week to week but on this occasion Matt Leyson, Jack Perry, Adam Grose with seven goals and Baldock with six were sorted out from the many candidates. For the Panthers it was a different story but Lachlan Hentschke, Ryan Proud and Ben Walter did best.
—Waikerie          22-14 (146)          defeated          Loxton          14-9 (93).
The Magpies travelled to Loxton with talk of their pre season flag favouritism almost a dim memory but they too reacted accordingly blowing the Tigers away in the first term 6-5 (41) to 1-0 (6) and then comfortably sitting on the lead. In scoring the same tally as the Roos Waikerie are now back on track with Tim Bevan, boom recruit Reid Beeching and Aaron Thompson the best of a very impressive outfit. Loxton continues to be inconsistent and has obviously still a long way to go to mix it with the top sides but from the efforts of players like Ash Montgomery, Matt Benson and Chris Papageorgiou has a lot of talent at his disposal to work with. 
—Renmark          12-10 (82)          defeated          Berri          11-15 (81).
Both of these teams entered the game without a win in 2013 and into the second term Berri with around a six goal advantage looked home and hosed. But up stepped Rover skipper Trevor Thorpe and with the help of blokes like Nathan Farr, Jaryd Rowe and Josh Warnock he dragged his side back into the contest firstly to an arm wrestle and finally to an exciting one point win. In a finish that confused a few people as far as the final score was concerned Renmark grabbed the premiership points and left the Demons without a win despite the efforts of players like Jamie Milburn, Mark Hamilton and Michael Voigt. 
THIS WEEK Renmark with its first victory behind it looms as a huge threat to Loxton on the wide expanses of the Renmark oval, Loxton North will be fired up after its mauling from the Roos when it greets Berri to Headquarters and in another potential blockbuster Waikerie will host the rampant Roos.
Independent A
—East Murray          9-6 (60)          defeated          Blanchetown Swan Reach          5-21 (51).
Call in the stewards after the Tigers rolled the seemingly invincible reigning premier. Or at least call in the goal kicking coaches to give the BSR boys some help. Nevertheless a result that is a shot in the arm for not only Eeast Murray but the overall competition as well. The Tiger recruiters should also be proud of themselves with big Blake Milich heading the best player list with Ben Whitehead and Nathan Francis. Zac Schubert booted a crucial four goals. For BSR Andrew Bajszi, Dale Payne and Mark Coleman did best.
—Ramco          15-8 (98)          defeated          Cobdogla          12-13 (85).
Those same stewards should also cast an eye at this result with Ramco out of its early season slumber bringing the Eagles back to earth.This was more of the 2013 grand final Roosters with Dale Crouch, Jono Walding and Bryce Matthews with six goals lifting the side. For Cobdogla Blake Sharkey, Ben Crosbie and Robbie Vagg were the stars.
—Paringa          10-13 (73)          defeated          Moorook Kingston          10-6 (66).
The Warriors were up 4-2 (26) to 0-3 (3) at the first change but the Swans had flown to a two point lead by the turn for home and hung on in a thriller thanks largely to the efforts of Sam Frahn, Chris Gardner and Andrew Lloyd. For Moorook Kingston Len Campbell with seven goals was outstanding with solid support from Sam Hirschi and Jack Barker.
—Browns Well          38-29 (257)          defeated          Wunkar         6-6 (42).
The Bombers reacted to their defeat against East Murray and took no mercy on their neighbours. James Fiegert booted eleven goals and could not find a place in Browns Well`s best player acknowledgements such was the performances as team mates like Bryce Victor, Brad Perry with 10 goals and Digby McNeil. For the Bulldogs Daniel Evans, Nathan Hentschke and Liam Hentschke gave their all.
THIS WEEK one of the early season favourites for the flag Paringa will be decidedly nervous when it travels into the Tigers` den at East Murray, Moorook Kingston and Cobdogla will both be desperate for a win at Moorook, Browns Well will greet a pretty fired up BSR to Paruna and Ramco will start favourites at home against Wunkar.
B Grade
BarmeraMonash (Nick Kuhn, Marcus Owen, Chris Marks)     12-12 (54)     d.      Loxton North (Jake Albrecht, Josh Deren, Michael Trezise)     7-5 (47).
Loxton (Bryce Freundt, James Abdulla, Grant Dahlitz)     13-3 (81)     d    Waikerie (Joel Fladrich, Steve Liebich, Robert Smyth)     10-11 (71).
Renmark (Nick Copeland, Thomas Burton, Aaron Gill)     15-9 (99)     d     Berri (Alex Norman, David Centofanti, Greg white)      7-5 (47).
Under 18
Loxton North (Lewis George, Jordan Maczkowiack, Keenan Wilksch)     10-3 (63)     d.     Barmera Monash (Sam Butterworth, James Wallace, Kaiden Coats).
Waikerie (Bradley Truscott, Ashley Allen, Simon Conley)      9-7 (61)      d.      Loxton (Adam Proud, Che Lange, Lachlan McDonald)       7-10 (52).
Renmark (Seb Paraskevopoulos, Fraser Peters, Charlie Wiese)     11-3 (69)      d.     Berri (Nick Hankin, Kenny Karpany, Ben Clark)     7-5 (47).
Under 15
Barmera Monash (Matthew Wilden, Steve Burton, Jack Albrecht)      14-11 (95)     d     Loxton North (Jonathon Hartley, Jonty Inglis, Samuel May)     1-6 (12).
Waikerie (Joshua Liebich, Dylan Hahn, Ryan Shaw)     38-19 (247)     d.     Loxton (Jesse will, Bradon Dunning, Ashley Coombe)    0-1.
Renmark (Nathan Zunic, Lachlan Lellmann, Brodie Roesler)     11-8 (74)     d.     Berri (Layton Dack, Braden Page, Ben Cmrlec)    3-1 (19).   
Under 13
Loxton North (Zane Lueth, Mitch Neumann ,Declan Size)     5-7 (37)     d.     Barmera Monash (Mitch Wellington, Zak Galvin, Joshua Richardson)    3-2 (20). 
Loxton (William Gutsche, Ross Romeo, Henry wright)     9-9 (63)     d.     Waikerie (Mason Brock, Tylar Lambe, Declan Sidhu)     5-7 (37).
Berri (Taso Bantolis 11 goals, Foti Pipinis, Michael Grosser)     15-11 (101(     d.     Renmark (Dion Brauer, Nicholas Wilkinson, Jack Austin)     1-3 (9).
Independent Under 17.
Cobdogla (Kristopher Taylor, Brayden Murray 4 goals, Toby kruger)     20-13 (133)      d.     Ramco (Anzac Brown, Ricky Carter, Hobie Clark)      2-5 (17).
Paringa (Joshua Kerr, Zac Schutz, Oshay Everuss)     19-14 (128)     d.     Moorook Kingston (Corey Munn , Brady Hullah)     3-0 (18).