Undefeated entering the major round in Division One Tennis Renmark Tintra received a real fright against Barmera in the semi finals and then a week later in the grand final was toppled by defending champion Cobdogla.

In the semi final minor premier Renmark had to wait until the mixed doubles to shake off a persistent Barmera (4th) 8 sets 72 games to 7-62. In the mixed sets Dean Schumann and Sonia Adamczyk won 6-2 against Mike Horsman and Katie Bannear and Matt Woolford-Lily Bright defeated Paul Jericho-Emma Marks 6-2 after Barmera had gone to a one set lead.

Initial doubles were shared 3-3 including Tom Waterson and William Koskinas (Barmera) defeating David Strongman and John Pick 6-3 6-4, Strongman – Pick beating Waterson – Horsman 6-4, Schumann – Woolford  winning against Justin Bannear – Jericho 6-4 and Adamczyk – Bright losing to Marks – Sarah Jane Albrecht 4-6.

Amongst the singles Strongman went down to Waterson 3-6, Pick beat Koskinas 6-0, Adamczyk lost to Katie Bannear 4-6 and Bright to Albrecht 2-6.

But the Mixed Doubles results kept Renmark’s undefeated 2016/17 season alive.

In the other semi final Cobdogla had an excellent preparation for its title defence with a 11-76 to 4-57 win against Berri view.

Shane Nettle and Luke Hampshire (Cobdogla) shared sets with Alexander Reincke and Paul Reid 7-5 2-6, Reincke had a good win 6-2 against Nettle but the domination of the Cobdogla women , Katie Wheeldon and Benita Dillon in particular kept Cobdogla safe throughout.

The grand final then saw minor premier Renmark up against Cobdogla, the defending champion with the Renmark side boasting a clean sweep against their opponent in closely fought matches during the minor round.

But on this occasion it was Cobdogla that really came to play and it won 9-78 to 6-60.

As has become the norm the Cobdogla women Katie Bannear and Benita Dillon provided ‘safe sets’ for Cobdogla in their doubles and singles. Shane Nettle and Luke Hampshire lost to David Strongman and John Pick 5-7 but then defeated Strongman and Dean Schumann 6-3. Junior Jake Stoeckel was outstanding for Renmark winning doubles sets with Pick and Strongman (7-5 against Nettle and Ben Rogers) and his single 6-2. Sam Butterworth and Katie Wheeldon won for Cobdogla 7-6 against Pick and Sonia Adamczyk and  Rogers lost to Schumann 5-7.

Cobdogla were left to celebrate yet another premiership while Renmark Tintra had suffered a cruel loss after a faultless season up to the premiership game.