Renmark will line up in all three grand finals of Men`s Pennant Golf at the Barmera Golf Club on Sunday 18th May.

Already qualified for a grand final berth by finishing minor premier in both A and B grade it made it to the C grade title decider by beating Loxton 3/2 last Sunday in the ‘preliminary final’.

In A and B grade its grand final opponent will be Berri after the latter defeated Barmera 3/2 in both ‘preliminaries’.

Barmera will appear in the C grade after finishing minor premier.

In the A grade clash on Sunday Berri`s victory over Barmera saw—-

-Tim Branford d. Will Swinstead 3/2.

-Ashley Kassulke (Barmera) d Steve Wade 1 up.

-Luke Hampshire (Barmera) d. Brian Martin 2/1.

-Rob Day d Tyson Swanbury at the 20th.

-Ryan Dale d Andrew Ivanovic 1 up.

In the B grade it went in Berri`s favour over Barmera—-

-R Swanbury (Barmera) d D Rodden 3/2.

-R Wright d. B Finn 7/6.

-P Selfe (Barmera) d. W Thiele 5/4.

-M Jennings d. P Butterworth  2 up.

-S Smith d. J Wright 3/2.

And in C grade when Renmark defeated Loxton—-

-J Koumbarakos d. H Kara Ali 3/2.

-J Sweet d. J Searles 3/2.

-D Cregan (Loxton) d. S Knight 2/1.

-M Taylor (Loxton) d. M Lewan 3/2.

-J Reynolds d. H Roy 3/2.