At the huge Australian Schools Volleyball Cup in Melbourne th ‘part time’ Renmark and Loxton High Schools are continuing their tradition of more the mixing it with some of the specialist volleyball schools from around Ausralia.

The Riverland Schools are still surprising and gaining the respect of officials and opponents.

As the play offs approach for final positions the Renmark Under 16 Boys Division Two team has been outstanding in winning all of its six preliminary matches.

Loxton also has two undefeated teams. After six matches in the Under 17 Boys Division Two it is 6-0 including a defeat of leading Adelaide school Brighton 2-1 in one clash. In Open Girls Division Two team No 1 is 5-0.

The Renmark Open Boys Division Two team has been exceptional with a 3-1 record so far and both the Under 15 Boys Division Two and Under 16 Girls Division Two side sit at 4-1.

Loxton Under 16 Girls Division One is 4-2 and Under 17 Girls Division Two joins the unbeaten group at 4-0.