The Men’s Prestige Medley team for Region 4 North Eastern zone has been announced.

The event will be played at the Moonta Park Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th December and the team is Fours—M Bloomfield, B Lane, M Short, J Voigt, Triples—A Forbes, W Collins, T Liersch, Pairs—M Kubank, G Butt.

Selectors have in fact announced a Reserves team with plans for a practice match at the Berri Bowling Club on Sunday 6th December starting at 9-30 am.

The Reserves team is Fours—C Kearns, S Roberts, G Langley, P Ashton,Triples—A Jones, P Merritt, M Schutz, Pairs—A Hill, M Cotton.

Also announced is the Region Four team to play Upper North at Barmera on Saturday January 3rd 2016.

Rinks from Leader, Second, Third to Skipper are—–

I Graetz, J Ginnely, A Jones, A Hill.

G Frahm, C Inglis, C Kearns, W Collins.

M Schutz, N Cronin, Phil Fechner, M Bloomfield.

P Hopper, B Semmler, S Roberts, M Kubank.

T English, M Short, B Burnett, J Voigt.

K Stokes, R Kuchel, P Ashton, M Cotton.

G Jenke, W Barnett, G Langley, B Lane.

T Schulz, P Merritt, T Liersch, G Butt.

Reserves–R Davies,E Schutz, B Harden, K Gebhardt, E Steicke.