The Berri District Youth Club recently held its fourth Junior Championships with the 91 entries a record and in fact double those of 2013.

As a result the event was extended to three days with five different competitions.

In “Opals” for the 4-5 years age group Emily Kassebaum won in floor, Arielle Milich on mini tramp and Jemma Pankhurst in vault while in the same competitions in “Emeralds” for 6 year olds the winners were Liam Watson, Dakota Lloyd and Hayden Binder.

In “Sapphires A” for 7-8 year olds the winners were Skye Mader (floor), Tori Andrew (beam), Skye Mader (vault) and Tori Andrew (beam) and in “Sapphires B” for the same age group Caitlin Kalms, Levi McFarlane, Jalda Inglis and Ella Kassebaum over those four disciplines.

In the 9-11 years “Diamonds” Charlotte Lawrence took out floor, Tyson Gibbens mini tramp, Jasime Brine vault and Mataya Heinrich beam.