The Berri and Barmera Primary Schools marked Reconciliation Week with Netball and Football matches being played between the two schools.  Both sports were playing for the inaugural “Reconciliation Shields” which now will become an annual event.  The shields were kindly donated by AYAC – The Aboriginal Youth Action Committee.

Played at the Barmera Primary School matches were watched by fellow students, teachers and a large number of parents who turned out to support the day.

The Netball shield was taken out by Berri Primary, winning the game 16 goals to 10 while the Football shield was won by Barmera  who won that match 8.9-57 to Berri’s 5.0-30, a margin of 27 points.

All participating players were being watched closely on performance as a Best on Court medal for the netball and a Best on Ground medal in the football were to be awarded at the completion of each game.

In the netball an outstanding performace by Indiana Aitken-Glass saw her receive the first ever “Reconciliation Medal” while Reagan Tieste received the prestigious award for his efforts in the football.  Both medals were proudly donated by Riverland Premier Sports.

Organiser Sam  Mitchell was really happy with the way the event ran and the crowd that gathered to witness the presentations were very thankful of his efforts and proud of the way the students participated in their respective sports.