34 goals were scored in Men`s A Grade Soccer last Sunday.

Renmark Olympic had a huge win over Berri River Rangers 11-0 with Bari Sahota scoring seven goals and other stars for Olympic Max Leturgie and Michael Atsaves.For Berri Alex Garafoulis and Nick Spinks did best.

Barmera One had an even bigger win over Barmera Two 14-1 with best players named for Barmera Sam Atkins and John Pintilli and Marty Barber scoring heavily again with five. Kosta Zois played well for Barmera Two.

The third game was at the other extreme, a four all draw between Loxton and Renmark Two. Jeff Hussaini and Geordie Franks led the way for Loxton and Michael Papageorgiou and Manuel Alvanos for Renmark Two.

In the Open Women`s grade Loxton 2 defeated Renmark 1 with Chelsea McPherson and Haylee Symens for Loxton and Angela Pavlomanakos and Eleni Alexandropoulos for Renmark the best players.

Berri meanwhile had a 5-1 win over Barmera with Ebony Hoffmann and Alyssa Knight continuing their strong form for Berri. Barmera`s best were Jiji Mitchell and Zanna Fournaros.

In Under 16 the were two draws Renmark One (Alex Patton, Ali Akbari, best) and Barmera (Blake Guppy, Charles Oliver) 0-0 and Berri (Jason Westley, Adam Drogemuller) and Renmark Two (Nick Albanos, Naqueeb Rahini) 1-1.

There was also a draw in Under 12`s 3-3 between Berri (Xabier Martin, Suhaiel Sowarth)) and Loxton (Talyn Eagle, Ashton Kershaw)