There are indications that we are going to see some exciting matches following the division of senior softball into two grades.

In the first week since the split the A Grade game could have gone either way between Loxton and Cobdogla with both teams excellent with the bat and in the field and both grabbing double plays. Loxton pair Cara Venning and Broden Townley scored three baggers in their team’s 9-6 victory and along with Patti Carney were named as best players. Bron Smith, Jo Gregory and Chloe Passmore were outstanding for Cobdogla.

In B Grade highlights were a three bagger by Renmark’s Monica Hawker and a double play by Lyrup’s Cheri Healy. Again it was an exciting contest throughout with both teams excelling in the field and with the bat but in the end Lyrup 12 defeated Renmark 10. Iris Kameta, Cheri Healy and Jen Kiel were best for Lyrup and for Renmark Gemma Letton, Monika Hawker and Long Doan.
Loxton 13 beat Cobdogla 9.Rachael Drewett, Kathy Johnson and Kylie Loxton starred for Loxton and Julie Cook, Heidi Kassulke and Barbie Kassulke for Cobdogla.

The C Grade margins were much greater. Berri (Bailey Hibbard,Minna Abdulla, Teonie Clemow) dominated against Loxton Green ( Amy Charles, Gretel Pumpa, Caleb Koehne) 17-2 with Caigan Heinrich scoring two four baggers and Regan Tieste one.
Renmark(Danica Sullivan, Lachlan O’Brien, Sarah Ellis) won 30-7 against Cobdogla (Annette Lowe, Kat St Leow, Michelle Rogers) and Waikerie ((Mel Briscoe, Sarah Carter, Adam Weir) defeated Loxton Blue (Amanda Schubert, Jesse Symens, Kellie Lawson) 18-1.

Primary Grade saw Renmark (Nick Tzanos, Tanisha Eckermann, Chelsea Humble) defeat Cobdogla (Deanna Collard, Regan Sullivan, Ebonee Pech) 14-8, Berri (Kale Karpany, Nalani Milne, Brayden Willmott) win 13-6 against a competitive Loxton and Monash (Summer Westcott, Jack Sullivan, Blake Sullivan) 11-8 against Waikerie (Ben Briscoe, Reily Fridd, Hayden Fridd).