Riverland Netball First Semi Finals were held last Sunday from B2 senior to junior grades.

The night before in A1 Grade Berri had ended Loxton’s season 44-38 and in A2 Loxton Black defeated Loxton Gold 50-30.

Then in B1 Grade Barmera (K Szabo, B Hambling) defeated Loxton (L Schwarz, T Mann) 41-31, Waikerie (E Nettlebeck, R Doecke) won 43-40 in B2 from Loxtona (L Sweeney, N Hoffmann) and in B3 Berri 57 defeated Loxton North White 30. The respective best players were M Morris, N Muller and T Hoffmann, B Sanford.

C1 was won by (Loxton ((A Cregan, S Charles) 47-24 over Berri (R Bagguley, K Rapisarda) and C2 by Monash ((J Hobbs, K Rosenthal) 50-27 from Loxton North (P Sinoch, J Sanford).

In the junior grades Loxton won 17A 61-38 against Waikerie. Best were B Durdin/K Phillips and K Brooke/L West.
17B went to Berri (D Plew, T Nash) against Barmera (K Morena, K Stocker-Johns) 46-44 and 17C to Renmark Blue (J Matulick, D Sullivan) from Loxton (A Griffiths, C Nitschke) 38-31.
The 15A Grade resulted in Barmera (T Hill, S Clark) progressing to the Preliminary Final by beating Berri (H Stewart, T Hoffmann) 51-41.
15B1 was won by Berri (L Quinn, S Kourasanis) 40-24 against Waikerie (S Sidhu, C Turner) and 15B2 by Renmark (E Martinson, A James) 36-34 over Loxton (C Abbott, O Kassulke).
Barmera (A Haigh, K Tsorotiotis) beat Renmark ( S Lynch, I Laws) 47-40 in 15C1 and in 15C2 Loxton North (L Alm, A Gibbs) won 29-14 against Renmark (M Reid H Smith).