A1 Grade

Loxton 49 defeated Berri 41

Loxton, the defending champion, did not have it all their own way against a Berri side that despite the loss of some outstanding players like Ellie Eleftheriadis, Kimberley Wade and Taylee Howard in recent seasons has found some quality young replacements to keep it nipping away at the heels of the top sides. Loxton led early but Berri fought back to level the scores at half time and at times actually took the lead. But in the end the introduction of ace goal shooter Alysa Proud, who surprisingly spent the first half on the side lines, gave Loxton a real focal point to capitalise on the strong work of Eve Will and Jackie Dahlitz in the mid court and they drew away to win by eight goals. Defenders Tori Brown and Michelle Wenman again starred for Berri.

Waikerie 36 defeated Loxton North 26.

One senses Waikerie will build into the season to become finalists just like the town`s women`s basketball team did over summer. It has only taken them two games to grab their first lot of premiership points and there were familiar names like Hannah Lehmann and Lauren Oswald amongst the best players on this occasion. North remains work in progress but appears to have picked up a class recruit in Ellie Thomas to work alongside emerging talent like Erika Sporn. Both players stood out on Friday night.

Renmark 50 defeated Barmera 40.

Renmark may have a restructured lineup with most of their 2012 side absent but with the experience of this game`s stars Hannah Foody and Denika Gartery complimented by teenage talent like Emily Garrett and Sophie Croft it is very much business as usual. Barmera however took it right up to them and again with experienced Sue Whitbourne in form and setting the example for juniors like Meg Gillespie Gaylee Drogemuller`s group may cause some upsets in 2013.


Loxton ( C Harris, L Benson) 60 d. Berri (K Krollig, A Henwood) 41
Renmark (K Gardner, K Iaria) 46 d. Barmera (T Szabo, H Spronk) 41


Berri (K Minchella, N Hall) 53 d. Loxton (K Westbrook, N Drake) 37.
Loxton North (K Tschirpig, D Wagner) 52 d. Waikerie (K Zadow, D Haynes) 41


Berri (T Westley, A Thompson) 44 d. Loxton (P Perre, A Sparrow) 32
Renmark (S Ivanovic, S Gibson) d. Barmera (K Fletcher, B Smith) 27
Waikerie (H Hudson, A Lindner) d. Loxton North (J Barry, J Voigt) 29.


Loxton (A Lokan, T Mann) 33 d Berri (C Langler, E Kearney) 31.
Renmark (D James, K Diepgrond) d. Barmera (K Albrecht, J Huckel-Hicks) 28.


Loxton North (W Bruhn, K Dack) 50 d. Waikerie (K Sunners, E McDonald) 26.
Monash (J Andrenacci, H Voigt) 45 d. Renmark (J Schopp, R Morrison) 33.


Renmark (S Critchley, J Holland) 36 d. Monash (N Recchia, D Johnson) 26.
Loxton North d. Waikerie (forfeit).


Cobdogla (S Selfe, K Packer) 60 d. Barmera (C Bachmann, B Ward) 21

7 A/B.

Renmark (E Garrett, E Sanders) 72 d. Renmark Blue (E Williams, F Matulin) 15
Loxton (S Benson, Z Pontt) 64 d. Barmera Pink (J Reck, J Hall) 12
Loxton North (H Learhinan, Z Doecke) 64 d. Waikerie (S Aucote J Brook) 39.
Barmera (J Press B Penney) 45 d. Berri (M Stewart, T Borke) 33


Loxton (L Collins, C Hicks) 58 d. Renmark (D Schubert, R Poulish) 6
Loxton North (A Oxlade, L To) 27 d. Barmera (P Hauptman, S Morena) 20


Loxton (A Collins, J Drake) 52 d. Berri (K Kregar, A Knight) 32
Renmark (A James, M Pfitzner) 43 d. Barmera (A O`Dea, K Thiele) 29.
Loxton North (B Phillips, E Schulz) 55 d. Waikerie (E Ziegler, K Schober) 33


Loxton (J Zdanowicz, B Hopper) 46 d. Berri (T Price, L Westley) 19
Renmark (L Haynes, J Richards) 54 d. Barmera (J Matson, B Tsorotiotis) 23
Loxton North (S Pfeiler, K Wagner) 48 d Waikerie (M Colbert, R Smith) 25.


Renmark Blue (M Zangari, E Forsyth) 29 d. Loxton North E Redmond, B Smith) 15
Renmark (M Dicerbo, E Nikou) 38 d. Barmera (A young, W Matson) 27.


Loxton (B Durdin, B Wilksch) 39 d Berri (A Ropson, N Badran) 1.
Renmark (C Quash, T Motto) 67 d. Barmera (Z Dimitrakopos, F Weidenhoffer) 10
Renmark Blue (C Waye, L Marafioti) d. Waikerie (G Meyer, A Cain) 18.


Renmark Blue (K Bornholm, B Lacey) 24 d Renmark (L Martin, M Baker) 18.
Waikerie (C Griffiths, B Geeham) 37 d. Loxton North (N Kahl, L Huang) 15.
Berri (H Stewart, D Plew) 31 d. Barmera (K Watson, O Reynolds) 30.