Renmark          49          defeated          Loxton          43.
The rematch of the 2012 grand finalists had everything. It was physical, was played under non stop pressure from both sides with a number of turn overs and forced errors but also  it contained some brilliant play. It was a titanic contest with Renmark reversing the result of that last game in 2012 when it managed to fight its way clear late. And hats off to the ‘Kevin Sheedy’ of Riverland netball, veteran Renmark coach Ann Noack who could surely make a fortune selling smoke screens. On losing the majority of last season`s lineup Ann said before 2013 got underway that on receiving the news she thought “what are we going to do?”. “I don`t know whether we will be grand final material but we will still be competitive”.
You are Ann and we do all know–you are still grand final material. On the other hand new coach Ros Oates also seems to have her own bag of tricks as she continues to experiment with her combination with an eye to the business end of the season. Star goal shooter Alysha Proud being off the court for such long periods is still puzzling a lot of the game`s followers. In last Friday night`s clash picking the best performers on the court would have been a nightmare but for Renmark sensational rookie Emily Garrett and Sonja Modlinski got the nod and ‘Milestone Birthday’ girl Eve Will (who must have got well over 40 touches) and Jackie Dahlitz for Loxton.
Waikerie          63          defeated          Barmera          46.
This was a high scoring affair with Waikerie always in control but a depleted Barmera showing a lot of fight to be competitive throughout. For Waikerie Lauren Oswald continued her purple patch of superb form while Jo Schmidt also stood out in what is a pretty impressive unit with a good blend of youth and experience. For Barmera Cobie Drogemuller took a senior role in the absence of some experience from the side while teenager Annabel O`Dea well and truly held her own on being elevated to this level.
Berri          43          defeated          Loxton North          26.
Berri would be pleased to get back in the winners` circle after a disappointing effort a week earlier while North was unable to go on after scoring its first win of the season.
Tori Brown and Michelle Wenman continue to be colossal in defence for Berri and have seemingly have a mortgage on the team`s best player rankings.
It is almost another case of “ashes to ashes dust to dust, if Tori doesn`t get you Michelle must”. For Loxton North it is all about youth and the future and with juniors Erika Sporn and Marlee George in great form who can argue that the club is not on the right track?
Loxton North ( R Williams, K Hutchinson)    54     d.     Berri (K Krollig, S Brand)     30.
Renmark (C Gardner, A Leesue)     41     d.     Loxton (L Benson, C Harris)      37
Loxton (M Loxton, M Frost)     56     d.     Berri (K Curtis, N Hill)     41
Renmark (E Anspach, M Curnow)     37     d.     Loxton (P Perre, P Nitschke)     18.
Renmark (T Morath, A Strachan)     80     d     Loxton (A Lokan, T Mann)     35
Barmera (L Haigh, K Hogan)     50     d.     Renmark Blue (H Schwartzkopff, M Mitchell)     26.
Barmera (T Gilgen, K Lawrie)     45     d.     Loxton North (G Barry, T Lange)     38
Renmark (N Albanese, J Albanese)     30     d.     Barmera (B Webber, A Matthew)     20.
17 A/B.
Renmark (J Byrne, C Gardner)     64     d     Barmera (D Millington, B Penney)     24
Loxton (N Ormay, O Altschwager)     49     d.     Renmark (D Mitchell, J Wainman-Riley)     13.
Renmark (B Trenwith, A James)     44     d     Loxton (A Reichelt, J Drake)     32
Renmark (D Haynes, R Dyer)     30     d.     Loxton (S Meredith, N Hampel)     28
Renmark Blue (M Schwartzkopff, P McKelvie)     40     d. Barmera (B Stone, M Britten)     32.
Renmark Blue (T Matulick, E Cox)     33     d.     Berri (Z Harrington, A Rapson)     16.
Loxton (I Edwards, A Burdon)     49     d     Renmark Blue (K Mates, D Carpenter)     6.
Barmera (H McCreanor, T Hill)     37     d.     Renmark (T James, D Johnson)     18