‘My Team’ defeated ‘The Team’ 3-10-208 to 1-7-195 in round 10 of the Loxton Spring Squash competition.

Darren Schults won narrowly from Steve Emery 3-2, John Vaughan defeated Wayne Voigt 3-1, Peter Miller also won 3-1 from Mark Rudiger and Julie Falland lost to Paislee Stone 1-3.

‘This Team’ 3-9-190 won against ‘Your Team’ 1-6-178 with Tanya Marlor beating Trevor MacDonald 3-0, Cameron Robertson losing to Shane Smart 0-3, Ken Wangahu defeating Paddy Reynolds 3-1 and Julias Otto just edging out Ben Schober 3-2.

In the closest game of the night ‘Which Team’ defeated ‘Our Team’ 2-8-187 to 2-7-191. Mark Cash lost to Rob Stone 2-3, Steve Emery imposed a rare defeat ,margin wise, on Ken Schwarz 3-0, Bill Sharrard lost to Mike Taylor 0-3 and Paislee Stone won against Adam Beauchamp 3-1.