‘Premier Sports’ is sure that local identity Linc Gore will not mind us quoting some of the comments he made after Renmark had won an amazing Wednesday Pennant Division One Grand Final last Friday.
Remember opponent Berri had defeated Renmark in the Second Semi Final but the minor premier had made the best of its second chance when it won the Preliminary Final against Barmera.
Of the closing stages of the Grand Final Linc said–”it was a magnificent match with a nail biting finish. Berri had been well down then clawed their way back.Kerry Treloar got two on the last end and Berri were holding about four in the head with one bowl to come. At that stage if there was no change Berri would win the match. The Berri bowls were just forward of the jack and a draw bowl was impossible. Renmark’s Sandi Schulz bowled the last bowl. A couple of yards through was required straight at the Berri protecting bowls. The bowl never wavered , it was always going to hit the right area as soon as it left Sandi’s hand–into the required area, bunting the jack back for shots to Renmark for a premiership win.”

Sandy? Schulz’s match winning bowl will become part of Riverland Bowls’ folklore. Although things have changed with the arrival of mixed gender bowls this is apparently Renmark’s first Wednesday Pennant win since 1967 when it was an all women’s competition. Thoughts immediately go to Renmark stalwart Jocie Cooper who deservedly won her first ‘genuine’ pennant in 44 years of competing.
Jocie’s rink was also a major contributor to the historic victory winning its first match up for the major round 26-9 against Jan Grosser. But as Linc points out ‘its a team game’ and members of the other Renmark rinks including Sandy Schulz played their part even though they went down on the day.
Kath Mader’s group also returned to the winner’s list for Berri defeating Sandy Schulz 24-14 and Kerry Treloar accounted for Betty Coombs 20-17.
Kerry said after the match “Renmark were the best team all year and the way they played today they thoroughly deserved their win”.

In Second Division Berri had an exciting victory against Loxton RSL 61-58 even though it only won one rink, K Tanner defeating J Smith 27-14. For Loxton RSL M Schutz won 24-18 against L Blades and H Dreschler defeated S Facci 20-16.

Third division went to Moorook which won its way from the First Semi Final. It won 35-31 against Renmark wih L Tschirpig’s team winning 21-12 over M Lawton. For Renmark J O’Loughlin defeated C Voigt 19-14.