At the 2014 Riverland Masters Carnival on Monday morning it was frosty and zero degrees at 8am when Riverland played Centals Blue but the girls were up to the occasion and wore “pyjamas of sorts”.

Reports suggest this was a ‘brilliant’ weekend and a lot of positive feedback indicated that all teams will return and two divisions in the women`s competition is a distinct possibility in 2015. The spirit of the games “be competitive but have fun” was alive and well.

In the women`s competition Centrals Red was superb winning all of its 11 matches for 33 points with Hills ‘A’ with 8 wins, 2 losses and a draw next on 28 points and Magpie Masters (7-3-1) on 26.

Riverland Rats finished fourth with 7 wins and 4 losses and 25 points with Cobdogla Eagles (6-5) and Port Pirie following on 23 points.

Gawler A and B, Yorkers all on 21 points, Centrals Blue 17, Hills ‘B’ 15 and Sloshed Up Demons 11 completed the table.

In the first ever Men`s competition Hills defeated Riverland 9-2 for the title but there were a number of other matches in which the local men went close to the Hills side. “The Young Ones”, a team of junior boys, also played against both men`s teams and Hills Men played Hills Women. Riverland Men defeated the mixed junior team.