Stop the press, hold the bus for a huge upset in Saturday`s MALLEE FOOTBALL. In fact call in the stewards.

Border Downs Tintinara, BDT, has been defeated in a huge upset by Murrayville 16-12 (108) to 6-10 (46) Actually that is not just a defeat but a fair belting like the Crows themselves have been dishing out to all and sundry for yonks. The keys to the Murrayville success a real team effort and for the second outing in a row Drew Crane turnng back the clock to boot another 8 goals. Murrayville got out of the blocks like rockets to be 6-5 to nil at the first break and simply maintained control throughout. Best for the Victorian side were many, T Jones, D Crane, K Keely, M Worsman, J Vass, K Wyatt included, while for BDT C Gregory, M Kempe and J Keller as usual gave their all.

The last time reigning champion BDT had lost a game was on July 7th 2012 when it went down to Karoonda 17-11 (113) to 11-12 (78).

Inconsistent Peake defeating Karoonda 15-12 9102) to 9-8 (62) while perhaps not qualifying as an upset was at least a surprise going on recent form. Peake trailed 4-5 to 6-6 at half time but with G Phillips with 4 goals, W Saunders and T Rigney in top form it drew away to win convincingly. Best for the Magpies were Z Bullard, C Knight and J Graetz.

In the other game Lameroo with S Walker, J Ridgway, H Thorpe and 7 goal man R Hunter in full flight won against Pinnaroo (C Muster 4 goals best, D Sampson, T Bennetts), 21-14 (140) to 13-6 (84).