After being defeated badly in round one of the Midweek Triples Bowls competition 2014/15 premier Loxton Red came back strongly to win 84-71 against Waikerie in a Grand Final rematch last Wednesday.

D Kimber’s rink 19 lost  to W Haby 19-21, T Schulz defeated B Burnett 29-9 in a decisive result, H Appleton lost to B Harden 12-27 and R Coombs defeated R Thompson 24-14. In other matches Lyrup 82 just edged out Renmark RSL White 81. R Bedson went down to T Dowzard 16-20, N Leach to M Albanese 20-22, importantly J Jungfer beat R Adam 25-17 and D Wainwright lost to M DeCol 21-22. Renmark RSL 88 won against Loxton White 61 with W Wilson defeating P Madden 25-11, J Van der Wyst winning 25-13 from D McRae Wood, I Carnachan 23-18 from T Thurston and K Knight losing to M Williss 15-19.

Berri Red won 87-59 against Loxton RSL. L Gore defeated M Fisher 21-13, N Harcombe won 23-19 from B Willett 23-19, K Stokes and R Ray drew 15-15 and A Gapco won 28-12 against E Schulz. Monash had a solid three rinks to one 96-67 success against Loxton Blue with P Wilkinson losing to M Nugent 17-22 but K Ruediger beating N Thiele 22-17, P Brennan – G Huppatz 29-16 and I Potts – D Schliebs 28-12. Berri Blue with R Grosser losing to M Howe 13-25, W Barnett defeating R Stoeckel 24-17, J Cresp – D Leedle 20-18 and L Recchia – R Andt 30-13 won 87-73 from Renmark Green and Renmark Gold reversed that position with a 89-71 win against Berri White. P Amos 20 lost to G Elleway 26, H Ter Bogt won 25-17  from L Facci, R Lockett 23-14 from P Raams and W Dopson 21-14 against G Thiele.