With consistent pair Hana Learhinan and Ellie Thomas prominent in an even lineup Loxton North defeated Berri 47-19 for its first win of the season in A1 NETBALL last Friday night. The final score was not a true guide to the competitive nature of the contest with Berri best served by Indee Thiele, who has returned after a courageous struggle with knee injuries, and Amy Henwood.

Loxton, also despite a 49-30 win, was forced into a real battle against a Waikerie side missing champion Hannah Lehmann. Best for Loxton were Jackie Dahlitz and Katie Saville and for Waikerie Ashleigh Potter and Alicia Curtis.

Renmark, with Sophie Croft continuing her Anzac Medal form, and Reeni Leuders also in good touch won 49-23 against Barmera (Dana Millington and Sue Whitbourne).

In A2 GRADE Renmark (A Leesue, A James) won 61-26 against Loxton North White (J Barry, A Graetz), Loxton North (C Tschirpig, K Wooldridge) 54-38 against Berri (R Gates, K Kregar) and Loxton (M Pannell, N Hampel) 46-23 from Waikerie (E Ziegler, J McMahon).

B1 GRADE saw Barmera (J Selfe, B Cash) beat Renmark (K Rice, A Angeletti) 48-32 and Berri (N Hall, C Eleftheriadis) defeat Loxton North (N Hopper, N Durdin), B2 GRADE had Berri (J Trifinoff, M Kearney) win 42-19 over Loxton North (T Kropinyeri, V Noble) and Loxton (P Perre, V Surmau) 48-38 against Waikerie (J Martin, R Doecke) and B3 Loxton (S Thompson, C Jachmann) win a great contest against Renmark (D Mitchell, R Morrison) 29-28 and Loxton North (K Lange, A May) defeat Berri (J Howe- Kruger, C Nuske) 46-40.

Barmera (R Bagguley, L Fletcher) beat Renmark (L Eckert, J Schopp) 32-26 in C1 GRADE and Loxton North (J Faehrmann, J Sanford) beat Waikerie (J Brooke, H Campbell) 47-29 and in C2 GRADE Renmark (H Gorrie, L Roberts) won 36-20 from Barmera (M Arendt, J Pech) and Berri (APW) 42-20 against Loxton North (A Faehrmann, K Bradtke).

In JUNIOR GRADES there was a thriller in 17A with Jasmine Merkx and Kailey Waechter prominent for Loxton North as it just edged out Berri, well served by Tamie Walden and Eboni Frankel, 32-31. Renmark (B Trenwith, S Croft) defeated Barmera ( A Wutke, B Tsorotiotis) 48-14 and Loxton (A Holmes, C Gutsche) defeated Waikerie (T Griffiths, K Bannister) 50-22. In 17B Berri 46 beat Loxton North 27 and Loxton (S Falting, A Collins) won 63-10 from Waikerie (M Twigden, P Frankel). 17C had Loxton North (L Huang, C Kaesler) win 28-19 against Berri (J Kent, T Nash) and Loxton (L Curtis, N Rolevink-Young) 49-21 against Renmark Blue ( L Marafioti, V Nitschke).

In 15A Grade Renmark (A Siviour,T James) defeated Barmera (E Holmes, A Reynolds) 46-29, Loxton North (E Schultz, C Tschirpig) – Berri (E Westley, C Foulds) 68-24 and Loxton (N Hampel, E Will) – Waikerie (L West, K Brooke) 37-18. 15B1 matches were won by Renmark (C Williss, S Kahlon) 31-25 from Barmera (S Clark, K Stavrou) and by Loxton (I Altschwager, I Edwards) 41-23 against Loxton North (A Size, T Inglis). In 15B2 Renmark (T Grey, E Jackson) beat Barmera ( L Monaco, D Souris) 63-25. 15C1 games went to Renmark (E Haslett, T Wahwight) over Barmera (K Tsorotiotis, L Hill) 40-19, Berri (G Kruger, L Quinn) over Renmark Blue (L Mills, F Evans) 37-28 and to Waikerie ( T Helbig, L Hilton) over Loxton (M Gardiner, L Falting) 34-7. Finally in 15C2 Renmark (S Briggs, M Smith) won 26-14 against Berri (A Verco) and Loxton North (A Laverty, E Fogden) defeated Waikerie (E Johnson, N Inwood) 32-25.