Many experienced local netball followers feel that the 10 year dominance of the A1 competition by the Loxton and Renmark clubs is about to be brought to a halt by the brilliant young Loxton North side coach Kylie Wooldridge has put together over the last few seasons.

In last Friday night’s last minor round games Loxton North, top,  with Lisa Koehne and Alyce Worsfold the stand outs in a great team performance defeated Waikerie 72-19. Emma Ziegler and Rachel Kratopoulos did best for Waikerie. With Loxton North to meet Renmark on Friday night in the Second Semi Final it will be closely watching the recovery of outstanding goalie Jordy Jachmann who injured an ankle in the game.

Renmark was far from its top in defeating Berri 41-27 although it was missing consistent Sonja Modlinski.  Tegan Moldovan and Hannah Foody were named Renmark’s best while for Berri Kimerley Wade, available from her Adelaide commitments, and Morgan Jennings were behind a competitive effort.

Loxton also warmed up for the finals with a 60-37 win over Barmera. Loxton, last year’s premier looks far from a successful defence of its title with so many changes to its lineup but Leah Uren and recent junior addition Chelsea Gutsche were in fine form. For Barmera Ashlee Schwertfeger and Annael O’Dea were in good touch.

On Friday night at Renmark Stadium Loxton North will meet in the Second Semi Final and Loxton will play Berri in the First Semi Final.

In A2 Grade on Friday night Waikerie forfeited to Loxton North and Renmark (A James, S Rucioch) defeated Berri (K Reid, S Anderson) 38-30. B1 results were Barmera ( Cash, K Greenwood) 49 to Loxton (D Stasinowsky, A Wehrmuller) 32 and Berri (A Krollig, N Hall) 68 against Renmark (J Monaghan, G Peberdy) 20.

In B2 Grade Barmera (S Millard, T Whateley) defeated Loxton (S Harrington, J Hondow) 47-33 and in B3 Berri (A Bambrick, J Howe) beat Renmark (Z Ociepa, D Mitchell) 58-45. C1 saw Loxton North (J Faehrmann, J Sanford) beat Barmera (G Paximadis, R Bagguley) 55-25 and Renmark (C Hart, L Eckert) win 37-31 from Waikerie (K Perry, S Perry). C2 Grade had Monash (J Pahl, S Kilmartin) 47 win against Barmera (Z Ferguson, J Pech) and Cobdogla (J Gilgen, J Gregory) 51 against Renmark (L Charnstrom, A Marshall) 32.

To the top grades in junior netball in 17A Loxton (C Gutsche, L Hampel) won 51-31 against Barmera (A Wutke, A Stocker) and Renmark (A James, S Rucioch) 66-27 from Berri (E Westley, T Walden). In 15A Loxton (J Matson, N Hampel) defeated Barmera (T Hill, K Morena) 71-36 and Renmark defeated Berri on a forfeit.

Looking at 17B Grade Renmark (T Brauer, S Bennett) won 47-24 over Berri (A Rapson, T Healy) and in 17C Grade Renmark (L Nikou, A Sinko) 43-26 against Berri (J Flay, C Greer).

15B1 results were Barmera (L Ambaros, K Stavrou) 64 to Loxton North (A Size, T Inglis) 17, Renmark (S Kahlon, L Martin) 42 to Loxton (S Zdanowicz, I Edwards) 19, 15B2 Loxton (K Falting, A Griffith) 60 to Barmera (A Andrew-Parker, L Bagguley) 25, Renmark (K Bonner, Y Al) 50 to Berri (R Rapson, L Carman) 19.

In 15C1 Barmera defeated Loxton 62-21 with respective best players S Aitken-Cross/L Morena and B Stasinowsky/E Unferdorben, Waikerie (H Gwynne, E Collins) won 30-27 against Renmark Blue (F Evans, K Hutchins) and Berri (L Gregoric, D Eleftheriadis) 46-35 against Renmark (T Wainwright, E Haslett). 15C2 results were Loxton North (A Laverty, T Watkins) defeated Berri (C Lange, T Cornelius) 50-26 and Waikerie (C Turner, E Schiller) defeated Renmark (K Hefford, J Boon) 37-25.