A carefully planned redevelopment program introduced several years ago under senior coach Kylie Wooldridge by the Loxton North Netball has promised a change to bigger things for the past couple of seasons and last Friday night a win over defending A1 champion Renmark 49-39 possibly signified the Riverland`s Big Two is now a Big Three.

The faith and patience shown  by in its talented juniors has paid handsome dividends for Loxton North as Marlee George, Hana Learhinan, Jordy Jachmann starred in the victory along with  Ellie Thomas and Lisa Koehne. The overall talent of this Loxton North side and the player depth in two A2 teams suggests those bigger things may not be far away. Renmark, without star defender Sophie Croft, was best served by Reeni Leuders and Kerri Turk.

The other member of the Big Three pack Loxton was untroubled in beating Berri 59-25. Leah Uren and Katie Saville were best for Loxton while for Berri, competitive as Chrissy Eleftheriadis works with her own group of juniors, Caitlyn Prior and Indee Thiele stood out.

In a highly competitive game Waikerie won in a thrilling finish by one goal 34-33 against Barmera. Waikerie started strongly to be 12-4 up at quarter time, then the lead reduced to 18-14 and 26-24 at the last two breaks to set up a nailbiting final stanza.Tegan Griffiths was superb under pressure for Waikerie with strong support from Ashleigh Potter and first game goal shooter Kelly Brooke from the Under 15`s. It was Waikerie`s opening win for 2015. For Barmera Alison Lennerth, Annabel O`Dea and Cobie Drogemuller did their utmost to get their team to the front.

In A2 Grade Loxton North White (best J Barry, A Graetz) defeated Waikerie (D Haynes, J Koch) 56-35 and Loxton North (K Wooldridge, C Hume) beat Renmark ( A Leesue, A Modlinski) 43-36 , B1 Grade saw Berri (C Martin, K Minchella) win 48-22 against Loxton (A Butson, D Stasinowsky) and Loxton North (K Shankland, J Voigt) 50-23 over Renmark (E McKenzie, E Herbert) and in B2 Berri (N Coote, J Trifonoff) win 53-39 over Loxton and Barmera (K Thomas, S Millard) 48-24 over Waikerie (C Bald, N Liebich).

In B3 Grade Renmark (D Mitchell, D Williams) defeated Loxton (E Walter, A Harvey) 20-16 and Berri (N Pitt, J Howe) beat Loxton North ( C Barclay, J Falland) 45-37.

C1 matches resulted in Barmera (S Westoff, A Dobbin) beating Renmark (H Eckert, J Schopp) 32-19 and Loxton North (J Faehrmann, C Hampel) –Waikerie (S Perry, P Collins 69-21 and C2 Cobdogla (A Lowe, T Harris) defeating Monash (S Kilmartin, S Brennan) 50-30 and Renmark (A Marshall, L Roberts) winning 40-30 over Loxton North ( Roesler, K Bradtke).

Barmera (K Thiele, A Wutke) had a good win against Waikerie (T Griffiths, C Linke) 63-45 in 17A Grade, and Renmark (L Haynes, S Ruccioch) beat Loxton North (G Stephens, K Waechter) 38-30. 17C  Grade saw a close game between Renmark (J Matulick, J Walter) 37 and Loxton North (C Gray, A Fogden) 34 and Loxton (K Romeo, B Mullins) defeat Berri (J Kent, J Flay) 51-42.

In 15A Loxton (N Hampel, B Durdin) defeated Berri (H Stewart, L Gregoric) 63-36, Barmera (O Reynolds, E Holmes) defeated Waikerie (L West, F Allmore) in a keen contest 38-36 and Loxton North (E Schultz, C Tschirpig) beat Renmark (A Siviour, D Johnson) 56-35. In 15B1 Loxton (I Edwards, S Zdanowicz) defeated Loxton North (T Voumard, K Wall ) 33-6 and Renmark (S Kahlon, M McKelvie) defeated Barmera (S Clark, L Ambaros) 35-29. Renmark Blue (Z Cooper, J Harrington) had a big win over Barmera (S Dawe, D Sourbis) in 15B2 Grade and Loxton (K Vowles, K Falting) defeated Berri (L Corman, C Parks) 38-30.

In 15C1 Berri (L Quinn, D Eleftheriadis) won 45-9 from Loxton (B Stasinowsky, A Gum), Barmera (T Albrecht, S Gear) 56-34 against Waikerie ( H Gwynne, S Taylor) and Renmark (E Alexandropoulos, E Haslett) 27-15 against Renmark Blue (F Evans, S Mills). In 15C2 Renmark (M Smith, J Mutton) won 30-12 over Berri (J Kaebe, A Verco) and Loxton North (T Watkins, E Fogden) 34-24 against Waikerie (T Conney, E Schiller).