‘After the break’ defeated ‘And in breaking news’ 3-10-215 to 1-6-198 in this week’s round of Loxton Squash.

Kane Watts won 3-1 from Steve Emery, Darren Bright lost to Ken Schwarz 2-3, Jacob Otto defeated Mark Rudiger 3-0 and Paislee Stone beat Julie Falland 3-2.

“Testing testing’ 2-8-206 won against ‘Where’s my glasses’ 2-7-198. It was not the first ime ‘Testing testing’ had been tested this season. Mark Cash lost to Shane Smart 0-3, Peter Tait to Robert Stone 2-3, Josh Roberts defeated Bill Sharrad 3-0 and Ben Schober beat Simon Knowles 3-1.

‘And today’s weather forecast’ 3-9-212 won from ‘What does this light mean’ 1-7-193.

Greg Marlor inflicted a rare defeat on Tanya Marlor 3-1, Wayne Voigt beat Cameron Roberts 3-2, Paddy Reynolds lost to Kym Bament 0-3 and Julias Otto defeated Paislee Stone 3-1.

The premiership table shows an even competition with ‘And today’s weather forecast’ on 101 points, ‘Testing testing’ 96.  ’What does this light mean’ 95, ‘Are we on air’ 89, ‘Who wrote this 70, ‘Where’s my glasses’ 60, ‘After the break’ 55 and ‘And in breaking news’ 52.