A Grade
Waikerie         2     defeated     Berri          1
Berri started strongly but could not convert its dominance into goals and it was Waikerie against the run of play that went to 1-0. Berri tied it up before half time and from that point a real arm wrestle developed with only a goal from Waikerie1s Ashleigh Baker from a penalty stroke breaking the deadlock. Waikerie`s best were Janine Frost, Lisa Redemski and Skye Boatswain while Renee Bayliss, rookie Charlotte Dominic and Kris Weir with a great game in defence stood out for Berri.
Renmark          0     drew with     Loxton          0.
These two great rivals can seldom be separated. On the strength of previous matches in 2013 Loxton was expected to handle a new look and young Renmark side comfortably but that was not the case as in a battle of defences the goals simply did not come even though both sides had some golden opportunities to score. For Renmark Amy Stanton, Laura Strout and Jamie Butters really rose to the challenge while for Loxton, also with a changed lineup for the game, Melissa and Chelsea Hopper and Rachael Wagner stood out. 
B Grade
Berri ( Lorraine Mensforth 3 goals, Kristen Hibberd, Jo Size)    4      drew with     Waikerie ( Jess Layton, Vicki Schmidt, Courtney Leam)     4.
Loxton (Brianna Schaeffer, Lucy Hampel, Chantelle Adams)     4    d.     Renmark (Tanya Webber, Narinda Riar, Michelle Hobby)     0.
Under 18
Renmark (Jamie Butters, Alison Giles, Imogen Weigall)     5     d.     Loxton (Brianna Schaeffer, Suzie Stivahtaris, Chelsea Hopper)     1
Waikerie (Tiffany Catford, Tayla Gwynne, Hannah DeVito)     3     d.     Berri (Emma Goold, Kira McMahon, Renee Bayliss)     2.
A Grade
Waikerie          7     defeated     Berri          1.
The first half was extremely even with both sides scoring an early goal but after Berri squandered some scoring opportunities Waikerie took over to go to half time 4-1.
Thereafter in a fairly rough and tough encounter Berri continued to generate chances but in the end the sheer fire power of the 2012 premier proved too much to handle and Waikerie ran out a comfortable winner. Named best for Waikerie were Jason Redemski with three goals, Rowan Kleemann and Rowan Hope while for Berri Tony Halupka was sensational as goal keeper and young Brady Martin and centre workhorse Anthony Segui  prominent throughout.
Loxton          5     defeated     Renmark          0
After a fairly even first half where Loxton led 1-0 it upped the anti in the second half and gave the Renmark defence a real workout. This is a very talented Loxton unit with enviable depth and ability and with Tim Smith, Julien Martin , Michael Lange and Tim Pannell in everything it strangled its opponent despite the best efforts of Corbin Bartsch, Daniel Shawyer and Martin Tucker.
B Grade
Berri (Tristan Daff, Jake Seekamp, Tony Herbert)    7      d.     Waikerie (Hayward Paynter, Tim Fridd, John Newsham)     1.
Loxton (Mick Hopper, Kieren Beer, Robin Schaeffer)     11     d.     Renmark (Phil Wickham)     0
Under 18
Waikerie (Austin Hollamby, Chris Tyler, Brayden Rigby)     2     drew with     Loxton (Sid Kanizay, Joel Hopper, Joffle Kingdom)     2.
Under 15
Waikerie (Damon Perks, Nick Hocking, James Smith)     4     d.     Berri (Jessie Passmore, Tim Ridley, Byron Hill)     2.
Renmark (Team Effort)     5     d.     Loxton (Joel Hopper, Connor Heinrich, Briley Gibbs)     0.
Under 12 Mixed
Berri Red (Caigen Heinrich, Brooke Kelly, Charlotte Dominic)     3     d.     Waikerie Black (Nathan Schmidt, George Fulwood, Lucas Hocking)     1.
Waikerie White (Ashley Ebert, Carlo Mitolo, Daniel Schmidt 4 goals)     9     d.     Loxton (Laura Alm, Maddison Albrecht, Chloe Sharrad)     0.
Renmark (Ellia Haines, Nikkita Petricivic, James Haslett)     1     d.     Berri Blue (Jack Muscat, Briannagh Hill, Michaela Seekamp)      0.