The closest game of the night in round five of Loxton Squash saw KISS defeat the Village People 3-9-224 to 2-10-240.
The winners for KISS were Brenton Chapman 3-2 in a terrific clash with Ash Lawrie at top position, John Vaughan in a similar game against Mark Cash 3-2 at number two and Trev McDonald 3-0 over Paddy Reynolds. The Village People had Ken Wangahu beat Mark Rudiger and Lauchie Horsfall too good for Blue Milich with both scores 3-0.
ACDC with Kane Watts winning at number one 3-0 against Shane Smart, Andrew Searles just over coming Michael Lange 3-2, Polly Johnston defeating Ben McDonald 3-1 and Paul Horsfall–Rob Romeo 3-0 won 4-14-280 against Guns and Roses.
The only Guns and Roses player to come out firing was Mike Taylor who won a really keen contest against Peter Grosser 3-2.
In the other game Midnight Oil 4-12-239 defeated ABBA 1-7-220.
Tanya Marlor was ABBA`s only winner with a 3-0 result at top spot over Steve Emery but in the other match ups consistent Ken Schwarz defeated Peter Miller 3-0, Terry Giles defeated Paul Wurst 3-1, Renee Hahn–Paul Wurst 3-2 and Ollie Stone–Ben schober 3-1.