When the Lake Bonney Yacht Club sailed the seventh heat of the Club Championships on Saturday the race began in reasonable conditions with sailors making good use of the wind direction and wind shifts. However the wind calmed to such an extent that officials decided to shorten the course by three legs.

In the end Division One, Misc Catamarans, went to experienced John Eshman sailing “Talisman’ witt Peter Dunk and Kirsten Thomas second aboard “6th Element” and Brenton Delaine third with “Screwalls”.

In Division Two, Misc Monohulls, Josh Ridley and Lachlan Huser won with “Mr Swag” followed by Ellyn and Belinda Cale with “1st Turn” and Kim Tonkin and Saxdon Caddy Mitchell aboard “The Jam.”

This coming Saturday 28th March will see the resailing of Heat Six of the Club Championships.

Sail Training has ceased for the season and the LBYC hopes these have been of benefit to all of the people involved.

The 69th Annual Easter Regatta at LBYC is scheduled for Saturday-Sunday 4th and 5th April . For further information contact the Club Secretary Dorothy Dunk, 86887186.

Meanwhile whether Peter Dunk is the Victorian Mark 2 Mosquito Champion or not is still in dispute. At the Victorian Regatta at Bendigo recently he won all of the five races in the championship series. He was a paid up associate member of the appropriate Victorian body and had as his crew a Victorian woman. But someone is now claiming that as a non Victorian he was ineligble to win the title and a real dispute is travelling over rough water. Seems strange that Peter was not warned of the rule prior to the event although it appears similar results have occurred before without incident. The easiest way of avoiding such situations would be to stop supporting Victorian events.