Loxton defeated Renmark 7-1.

When the 2013 program was set officials would have been confident that the first game for the season at Glassey Park last Friday night would have been the usual thriller between traditional rivals in the A grade women`s competition, Loxton and Renmark. After all in recent history it has almost taken a jemmy bar to separate the two sides, the thrilling grand final last season included. Friday night`s first half was pretty much to script with Loxton just holding the edge for a 2-0 lead at half time in a scrappy affair. But after that it became very much “the Steph Baird Show” as the young Loxton star took advantage of great work up field by new coach Tara Allister and Ash Burgess to make the goals her own and score six in a 7-1 victory for her side. Of the two teams Renmark certainly had the most changes to its 2012 combination with Ashleigh Mallinson, 11, and Brooke Webb,13, making their A grade debut. Apart from Steph Baird Jane Reid and Lisa Varady were named as Loxton`s best while Renmark was best served by Juliett Mallinson, Alison Giles and Sarah Haslett.

Waikerie defeated Berri 3-1

Berri was on top in the early stages but it was a case of both sides missing opportunities until about twelve minutes to go in the first half when there was a rush of goals that saw Waikerie go into the break 2-1. Then again in the second half chances went begging until Waikerie made sure of the win with six minutes remaining to full time. Waikerie look headed for a good season and had Janine Frost, Shaye Boatswain and Trinity Schmidt in touch early while Jane Hustler, Emma Burge and Jo Size were best for Berri.

B Grade

Loxton (Chantelle Adams, Rachel Schulz, Tash Baker-2 goals-) defeated Renmark (Megan Taylor, Sibel Huseyin, Narinda Riar) 4-0
Waikerie (Penny Kroehn, Kim Lean, Jose Liebich) defeated Berri (Michaela Seekamp, Kristen Hibberd, Fiona Seekamp) 2-0.

Under 18

Loxton (Steph Baird-3 goals-Chelsea Hopper, Amelia Greigson) defeated Renmark (Brooke Webb, Alison Giles, Juliet Mallinson) 3-2.
Waikerie (Courtney Lean, Taliah Ebert, Ashleigh Baker-3 goals-) defeated Berri (Kira McMahon, Ada Walladge, Michaela Seekamp). 6-1.

MEN A grade

Loxton defeated Renmark 2-0

Loxton missed countless opportunities to score in this game despite making a generally impressive start to the season with their big guns Steven Trezise and Sean Burgess available from city commitments, some new recruits and promising juniors in the lineup. Renmark on the other hand struggled for players with several absent for this outing on top of a number having left the club. Renmark did have their chances to score however through the efforts of a couple of their best players Callum Benda and Aiden Shaw but generally it was their defence that received a solid work out first up. In the end Loxton was simply too strong overall with Burgess, Tim Pannell and Michael Lange the best of an even lot but they certainly would be disappointed that only two goals resulted from their efforts. Credit though to Renmark`s defensive skills with Lincoln Matulin and Luke Dowzard giving their all.

Waikerie defeated Berri 7-4

Waikerie the 2012 champions immediately served notice that they will again be the team to beat this season but they certainly did not have it all their own way against the younger, less experienced Berri in an entertaining contest. Despite Berri lifting on occasions Waikerie generally held control and with only around a quarter of an hour to go in the match led 6-1. Austin Hollamby, Graeme Bartel and Rowan Hope with four goals had been outstanding in a talented Waikerie unit. In the dying stages however Berri showed that they are not about throwing in the towel and that they will be running games right out to the finishing line. Their best players were Dylan Couzner, Anthony Segui and Brady Martin.

B Grade

Loxton (Robin Schaefer, Nathan Fielke, Simon Bullock) defeated Renmark (Steve Dornan, Phil Wickham, Pat Long) 3-2.
Berri (Tony Herbert-4 goals-, Shane Ridley, Tristan Daff) defeated Waikerie (Mitchell Curtis, Steven Lawson, Jason Raynor) 6-2.

Under 18.

Berri (Samuel Walladge, Sam Mann, Dylan Couzner) defeated Waikerie (Austin Hollamby, Nick Hocking, Chris Tyler) 7-0.


Renmark (Ben Duggin, Jayden Bruce, Matt Giles) defeated Loxton (Zac Albrecht, Connor Heinrich, Briley Gibbs). 4-0
Waikerie (Nick Hocking,Clayton Hollamby, Mitch Rayner) defeated Berri (Jake Seekamp, Jamie Fraser, Samuel Mann) 5-3.

MIXED Under 12

Berri Blue (Charlotte Dominic, Jordan Burgess, Brooke Kelly) defeated Berri Red (Briannagh, Alex Kudra, Briannah Farrell) 3-1.
Waikerie Black (Aden Hocking-3goals, Nathan Schmidt-3 goals, Stuart Liebich) defeated Loxton (APW) 12-0.
Waikerie White (Daniel Schmidt-3 goals, Carle Mitolo, Ashley Ebert) defeated Renmark (Shaun Jenke, Seth Munro, Ryan Shaw) 4-0.