A magnificent final bowl in last Saturday’s First Division Bowls Grand Final by former State player Andrew Hill gave Berri its seventh premiership in a row in the competition.

Berri defeated Waikerie 78-76 in a seesawing contest that has been rated amongst the best grand finals ever.

The story of the dramatic conclusion to the match is again best told by local enthusiast Linc Gore.
‘Berri got away to a good start but Waikerie came back and edged clear with two ends to go and looked the likely winner.
Graham Butt against Roger Davies was the first game to finish and with Butt losing 2 on the final end to go down 17-21 it looked all over. But nobody told the other 3 Berri rinks.
Dennis Treloar’s rink picked up 6 and 2 on the last two ends to defeat Brian Burnett 31-12.
Andy Gapco claimed 1 with a difficult bowl on the final end but still lost to Andrew Fulwood 15-21.
Waikerie was 1 up overall and in the final game to finish, Berri’s Andrew Hill against Wayne Collins, Waikerie held one shot as Hill was left with the last bowl of the Grand Final.
The shot bowl was protected by a row of bowls at the head and only a small portion was available to Hill’s delivery’.

Linc said “Often there can be a bit of luck in the game –but that last bowl was fully calculated as to the required speed, angle and where it exactly had to hit as not only to remove the Waikerie bowl but to kick it out of the way and leave the Berri bowls alone.
Considering the occasion and the state of the game it wasn’t just a good bowl nor could it be described as a great bowl –it was a magnificent bowl –the best I have ever seen”.

In summary Hill defeated Collins 25-22, Treloar beat Burnett 31-12, Butt lost to Davies 7-21 and Gapco went down to Fulwood 15-21.
Which brings us to the performance of the Dennis Treloar led rink for the second year in a row.
In the 2014-15 Grand Final Berri defeated Loxton RSL 79-66. Treloar’s rink beat Lew Westbrook 25-5, Butt lost to Geoff Huppatz 18-23, Mark Kubank went down to Jade Wright 21-23 and Hill and Steve Roberts finished 15-15.
Dennis deserves to be at the peak of the victory dias with Andrew Hill.

In the Second Division Grand Final the late season charge by Lyrup never lost a beat and it crushed Monash 84-44.
N Leach defeated M Voigt 39-5, S Munro lost to P Brennan 17-31 and D Wainwright beat I Potts 28-8.

Waikerie won Third Division Green with a 60-47 victory over Renmark. P Fechner lost 14-21 against J O’Loughlin, B Wiese won 28-11 from S Hume and F King 18 defeated M Lacey 15.

In Third Division Gold Loxton (P Vaughan 26, R Braddock 22, J Vaughan 20) took the premiership from Waikerie (H Mortimer 20, R Neideck 15, M Schumann 18).