The Berri District Youth Club held its first “Gym For All Challenge” recently with 24 male and female gymnasts taking part.

The competition was for classes 5-7 and involved floor, vault, mini tramp, beam, parallel bars, uneven bars and trampoline activity.

Looking at some of the most prominent gymnasts—

-In Level 5 Joey Haenen won three events and finished third in one. Levi McFarlane had a first and three seconds.

-In Level 6 (12 and Under) Bailey Hahn won three and was runner up in two. Jessie Priest had two first placings and a third.

-In Level 6 (12 and Over). Jasmine Brice was most successful with four first placings and one third. Phoebe Rodden had one first and five seconds.

-At Level 7 Justyse Dixon had two firsts and two seconds. Rebekah Thomson won two and was runner up in one.