The last of the minor round games in the 2014/15 softball season went ahead last Saturday despite the hot conditions and finals are due to start.

In Primary Grade an even team effort by Waikerie saw it defeat Renmark (Hannah Brown, Lochlan O`Brien, Zayden Djurdjinovic) 13-8, Renmark Blue (Lochlan McDonald, Kaleyla Djurdjinovic, Maddie Page) won in a close contest 7-6 against Berri (Caigan Heinrich, Nalani Minnus, Ashlee Hibberd) and Loxton (Caleb Koehne, Mare Hartwig, Brianna Hobby) accounted for Monash (Braiden Bagguley, Latoya Bagguley, Baden Hogan) 12-6.

In the C Grade competition Renmark 23 defeated Loxton Blue 5. Gemma Letton, Ros Hodge and Hamish McDonald were best for Renmark and Jesse Symens, Tracey Steicke, and Caren Hammerstein for Loxton Blue. Berri (Lucy Ayling, Kia Jesser, Regan Tieste) won 18-13 against Loxton Green (Cody Hammerstein, Kristen Bradtke,Taylah Watkins) and Waikerie beat Cobdogla 15-3. For Waikerie the best players were Adam Weir, Mel Briscoe and Helen Johnson and for Cobdogla Amee Sutton, Charlotte Stavrou and Jesse Passmore.

To A/B Grade Loxton A and Renmark fought out a competitive game with Loxton winning 10-5 and then Cobdogla Gold managed to break away from Berri after an even start to win 10-5. Jo Gregory, Jade Pech and Chloe Passmore were named best for Cobdogla Gold while Berri`s standouts were Cheri Healy, Austin Karpany and Regan Tieste.

Loxton B won 11-6 over Cobdogla Blue in a game that was good to watch. The Cobdogla side put some pressure on with tight fielding but was unable to match Loxton with the bat. Loxton B edged away in each innings with a four bagger to Sarah Peltz a feature. Best players were Madeline Pumpa, Kathy Johnson and Deb Lidgerwood for Loxton B and for Cobdogla Jesse Passmore with a great effort in the field, Sussan Cook and Gloria Dyer.

The C Grade table reads Waikerie 25 points, Renmark 25, Loxton Blue 15, Berri 12, Cobdogla 8 and Loxton Green 5.

Positions in A/B Grade are Loxton A 29, Cobdogla  Gold 20, Loxton B 16, Renmark 11, Berri 9 and Cobdogla Blue 5.