In next week’s start to the major round in Renmark Table Tennis Desperados meet Misfits in the Qualifying Final and Flat Bats are to play DV8′s in the Elimination Final.

In the last of the minor round matches this week the top teams continued to dominate although Double Fish, with Dash and Evan McAllister in their best form of the season, pushed Desperados to the limit.
Desperados won the match 6-6 (24-23) after the result hinged on the clash between Barry Williams (Desperados) and Paul Haenen.
It was a solid workout for Desperados going into the finals.
In the end Williams’ greater experience told in deciding the five set match against Haenen.

In other matches DV8′s won 11-1 against Spinners and Misfits 10-2 against Flat Bats.