Conditions were good for the 50km ‘there and back’ Lindsay Point handicap on Sunday but racing was fierce as those that started first Angelo Ylia, Ruth Strout and Frank Sullivan were determined to stay in front.

They had a five minute start on Peter Burr and Lee Rasheed with Gordon Lawton getting away at the 10 minute mark to complete a 32km course and Ben Logos and Shane Pitman departing at the 14 minute mark.

Pitman and Logos caught Burr and Rasheed at the 10km mark on the return journey but the 14 minutes proved too much with the limit bunch averaging just over 32kmph to complete an excellent ride to their handicap. The same could be said of Gordon Lawton with his strong solo ride.

In the end Frank Sullivan finished first from Angelo Ylia, Ruth Strout, Gordon Lawton, Shane Pitman, Ben Logos, Lee Rasheed and Peter Burr.