Only eight rounds into the first division Saturday Pennant bowls season a titanic battle is looming for finals action.

Berri has 178 points, Loxton RSL 161, Barmera the surprise packet, Loxton Blue and Waikerie all have a 4-4 win/loss record with 118, 110, 107 points, Renmark surprisingly on 3-5 is in unfamilar territory with only 90 points, Loxton Yellow has 66 and Renmark RSL 66.

On Saturday Berri defeated Loxton Yellow 80-65 but the rink results went 2-2 with Dennis Treloar winning 29-12 over Brian Bullock, Graham Butt losing to Peter Kimber 14-18, Mark Kubank going down to Neil Thiele 9-24 and Andrew Hill beating Des Schliebs 28-11.

Loxton RSL beat Barmera 76-70 but that game also was keenly fought with Steve Robert`s rink defeating John O`Brien 22-14 in a decisive result, Tim Lehmann losing to Dennis Wutke 17-18, Geoff Huppatz and Phil Ashton all square on 18-18 and Lew Westbrook going down to John Morena 19-20.

Loxton Blue continued a Renmark`s losing streak that is surprising many. Bruce Schubert defeated David Bollenhagen 21-19, Brad Semmler lost to Sean Leesue 18-20, John Vaughan won 26-15 over Rick Stoeckel and Terry Thurston went down to Bill Dopson 15-20.

Waikerie had a comfortable 88-55 victory over Renmark RSL in the other game but again rinks were shared. For Waikerie Dixie Lee lost to Ron Adam 16-18, Roger Davies 15-17 to John Van der Wyst, Wayne Collins defeated Mal Inglis 35-8 and Gary Pursche beat Ken Knight 22-12.

There is also a cramped table in Second Division and Saturday`s results did not relieve the pressure.

Moorook, bottom in 10th position defeated Waikerie,top, 77-42, Monash,5th, defeated Loxton RSL,3rd, 74-35, Barmera,9th, beat Loxton,7th, 64-52, Berri,6th, won 63-56 over Lyrup,4th. Finally Renmark took over from Waikerie on top when it beat Renmark RSL,8th, 62-49.

There was also upsets in Third Division. Loxton RSL,8th, defeated Monash,2nd, 72-51 and Barmera,9th, defeated Loxton,7th, 61-54. In other matches Waikerie won 75-44 over Renmark, Berri 85-38 over Renmark RSL and Lyrup 56-49 against Moorook.

In Fourth Division Renmark won from Loxton 63-53, Berri Blue from Waikerie 65-55 and Berri Red from Barmera 80-47.